Now you can trade in your old Badge-A-Minit® button machine
and receive a credit for additional button-making supplies
when your purchase our Model 225 2-1/4" Button-making Kit

If you are currently using a Badge-A-Minit hand press or a mini-bench press model, but would rather be using our Model 225 button machine, there is no need to let your old Badge-A-Mint button machine go to waste!

Trade it in!

At Dr. Don's Buttons, we'll take your old Badge-A-Minit® handpress or mini-bench press system and give you a credit for additional button-making supplies, when you purchase our Model 225 Home-based Starter Kit.

So how much is your old Badge-A-Minit® machine worth?

Here's a list of Badge-A-Minit machines that qualify for our trade-in program and the credit associated with each one:

Badge-A-Minit Starter kit - hand press without cutter - $35.00

Master Kit - hand press with Cut-A-Circle circle cutter and cutting mat - $60.00

Bench System 1 - mini bench press (without cutter) - $55.00

Bench System 2 - mini bench press with Cut-A-Circle circle cutter
and cutting mat- $65.00

* Only one trade-in credit can be applied
for each button machine that is purchased

Here's how the program works.

At the time of purchase, you MUST let us know that you wish to trade-in for your qualifying Badge-A-Minit® machine (see list above). You then will be instructed to send your Badge-A-Minit® machine to:

Dr. Don's Buttons
3906 W. Morrow Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85308

When we receive your machine, we will issue you a credit that can be used for additional button-making supplies for your new Model 225.

The supplies your credit can be used for include pinback button sets, keychain button sets, mirror-back button sets, magnet-back button sets, or Button Design CDs.


To place an order or have questions answered,
just give us a call at

(800) 243-8293
or (623) 869-8233

Dr. Don's Buttons
3906 W. Morrow Dr.
Glendale, AZ 85308

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