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Buttons & Button machines

Button Packaging Ideas

Dr. Don,

I've had good luck using a piece of "Card Stock" cut to an appropriate size ... just use a sharp box cutting knife and make a horizontal slice in the card a bit larger than the size of the pin in back. "Push" the button onto the card and then flip it over and slide a small piece of scotch tape under the pin arm and press it over the cut to secure it.

There's some benefits to this style packaging - you can set up your computer to print the card stock so there is a message above AND below the pin [add an envelope and it's a birthday greeting, etc... ]

...And it allows you to create a high-end, multiple button set - with two or more buttons on the card.

Dr. Gail Hertz

Dr. Don,

The US Postal Service provides their Priority Mail and Express Mail envelopes and boxes at no charge. Starting at only $3.20 ( for Priority Mail) you can ship a box of buttons with 2-3 day delivery anywhere in the US! For only slightly more, you can get a proof of delivery reciept.

Stephen Sambor

Dr. Don,

After reading Stephen Sambor's great info on Priority Mail rates, I thought everyone might be interested in knowing that you can print your own mailing label from the USPS website (www.usps.com) and get free delivery confirmation. You can order labels to print on, or just print on regular paper and tape it to the package. If you know what your package weighs in advance, it's even easier - you can pay for and print your label, and just drop the package in your mailbox. A helpful postal employee told me about this recently.

Joanne Klauber


I was looking for a way to package my buttons for fairs and flea markets this year, and at BAM they sell packaging bags but I thought is was a bit costly. But due to your resource page I wrote to Button Graphics in Maine and he gave me a great money saving idea for packaging buttons. He told me about baseball card sleeves that are for baseball cards to slide into, so I went to a baseball store today and discovered they are perfect fit for a 2 1/4 inch button, and they only cost a penny/a piece, and I made my own header with the template for labels that are used for 3.5 floppy's. There are two sizes, you must use the one that has a layout with 9 labels per page, and it is a perfect fit! So, once again thanks for your web site with other button makers in the USA, great way to help each other with our business. take care,

John D'Agostino (Buttons on You) Manville, NJ


Dear John (Buttons on You) and Harry (Button Graphics),

I want to commend you both for the spirit of cooperation you both have shown by helping each other.

This is exactly the type of "competitive cooperation" that I hope to foster on this website. Even though we may all be competitors at times, in my opinion, there's no reason we can't help each other learn and grow in this business.

Again, John and Harry, thanks for sharing!!!!!


Dr. Don

Dr. Don,

I sell buttons at Sci-Fi and Media events. What I do to avoid making buttons that may not sell is I print multiple copies of each design and I load them all into trading card sleeve sheets (1 design per pocket) and have them all in 3 ring binders.

Customers browse the books, pull out the designs they want and in seconds I press the buttons. Most people are amazed at how fast and easy it is :-) and I do not have to worry about wasting parts. Very easy to set up, transport and store...

I also do photo and custom buttons on the spot - using my digital camera, laptop and small Lexmark inkjet.



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