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Comparing the Operation of Various Button Machines

If there was one bit of advice I would give anyone who was looking to buy a button machine, it would be that you should know that not all button machines work in the same manner.

Some machines are easy to operate (ours are), while some other machines that are on the market are not.

And believe me, looks can be deceiving!

Just because one machine looks something like another doesn't mean it operates as easily, or that it can produce the same number of buttons per hour.

So before purchasing any button machine, whether it's one of ours, or someone elses, you really should learn what it takes to operate that machine.

That way you'll better understand what the machine can... and cannot do!

And by all means, make certain the company that sells you the machine offers a money-back guarantee (we do). That way, if you aren't happy with your purchase, you can return it.

And watch out for "re-stocking fees" . Some companies charge as much as 20% of the purchase price as a re-stocking fee if you want to return their machine.

At Dr. Don's Buttons we never charge re-stocking fees, so if for any reason you weren't completely satisfied with one of our machines, you can return it and not pay a re-stocking fee.

* * * * * * * * * *

What follows are two notices issued by Badge-A- Minit, one of our better known competitors.

The instructions that describe how the Badge-a-Minit hand press is operated was taken verbatim from Badge-a-Minit's own newsletter, Button Talk (Button Talk, Fall 1998).

That article, entitled "The Red Ring Holds the Key!", starts out by saying that making buttons with a Badge-A- Minit hand press is "truly a simple process".

After reading it, let's see if you agree.

Then after reading their instructions, read the instructions for operating any of our machines and see how they compare.

Or better yet, watch a video of one of our button machines. Then, decide which one you prefer.

To see our Model 100, which makes 1" buttons, click here.

To see the Model 225, which makes 2-1/4" buttons, click here.

To see the Model 300SX, which makes 3" buttons, click

To see the AC-1, our fully adjustable circle cutter, click

 The Red Ring Holds the Key!

"In following the steps on how to make a button, consider this; you have already placed your artwork into the blue ring with the gold ring secured under the tabs on the blue ring, and have snapped it into place with both the beige disc and gray ring using even pressure.

The next step involves the red ring - insert the gold ring and again push straight down, pushing it down into the gold ring. Leaving the red ring where it is, you then flip it over and insert the button back, lining up the pin with lines in the blue ring. You then place the green ring in after the button back, which creates a colorful "sandwich" of assembly rings.

This is where many of you have trouble. When you take this "sandwich" to the hand press to crimp everything together, remember this hint: make sure your red ring is on top! The red ring has an indented circle on it that is the same size as the metal tooth that comes out of the hand press. The indent is an indicator to you of where to line up the assembled sandwich on the press so that your buttons will turn out beautifully after you've squeezed the press firmly (with the sandwich inside)!

Some put the assembled "sandwich" in upside down with green ring on top and this is wrong because the pressure is not applied properly. Likewise, if the red ring is on top but not centered in the indent, you can seriously damage it by crimping in the wrong place. So the key is, to keep the red ring on top and line up the indent with the press before crimping and your buttons will come out looking sleek and professional!


One of our customers sent me the following information on November 14, 1999.
It was a flyer she received in the mail from Badge-a-Minit.

Helpful Hint for those of you who own a Badge-a-Matic II
(BAM's electric machine)

To those of you who currently own our top-of-the-line electric Badge-A-Matic II system that makes a button with literally the touch of a button, here's a tip that can help prolong the life of your machine!

To operate the Badge-A-Matic II, you only have to load the parts into the built-in assembly rings in the proper order, close the lid, then push the "activate" button. However, the instructions direct you to WAIT FIVE FULL SECONDS before lifting the lid to eject your finished button. This time allows the motor to slow down, come to a stop on its own, and allows for the best operational results. It may seem like a long time, but opening the lid too soon will wear the motor out, which will lead to repairs and time without your machine.

We repair hundreds of Badge-A-Matic II machines each year with this problem, and because it is primarily due to improper operation, we cannot cover the repairs under our lifetime guarantee.

So PLEASE, take the time to count to five once the assembly rings have pressed together to form your finished button. You will enjoy perfectly made finished buttons time and again, and a machine that functions exactly as it should, producing quality buttons with speed and ease!

Guess what?

BAM doesn't provide this information on their website (at least not as of December 18, 2001)

I wonder why?



While the ease of operation is certainly important, the quality of the buttons your machine
will make is also important. To visually compare the quality of buttons made with our
Model 225 to Badge-A-Minit handpress, click here.

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