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Dr. Don,

Thank you so much for the beautiful buttons we ordered for our daughter, Amanda Tapley, Miss Alabama 2008, for the Miss America pageant. They arrived in Las Vegas in perfect time and looked wonderful. We were very proud to wear them and pass them out to friends and supporters.

Thank you for getting them done��so
We appreciate your help and will definitely let everyone know about the wonderful service and quality product we received from your company.
Thank you.
Tricia Tapley

Dr. Don,

I just received my order of buttons. They are awesome. The quality is much better than a sample button I had made at a local trophy shop. Your prices were less and the turn around time was even faster than having it done locally. Thank you for your quick service and professional product. I will recommend you to my friends and remember you in the future.

Thanks again,
Marianne McNeil

Dr. Don,

Thank you again for your help. The other company I was dealing with were so difficult. You made everything so easy, I almost can't believe it. We are looking forward to receiving the order Wed. Thanks again for your fast, prompt and courteous service!

Your "Damsel in Distress"

Edison Local Schools

Dear Don,

Your service is great, great, great!

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Emily McHale
Grafix Intl, Inc.
Miami, FL

How to Create Photo Buttons that Have Text

(click here to have us make photo buttons for you)

Of all the buttons that we are called on to create, none are more fun to make than photo buttons that will be used for a special occasion.

Whether they're for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, newborn babies, weddings, or whatever... when you create a photo button that will be used for a special occasion, you know you are creating something that will be forever treasured.

Making photo buttons that have text are actually quite easy to do... once you have the equipment and know how to do them.

What I hope to do here is show you how to do them, step by step, and explain what equipment you need to do them.

If you are already making buttons, chances are you have most of what you'll need: A computer, a color printer (inkjet or laser), a color scanner, a program like Adobe Photoshop (that allows you to manipulate the photo you wish to work with) and a program that allows you to create curved text and import the photo you're working with once you're finished working with it.

Of course you will also need a machine with which to make your photo buttons. You can make photo buttons in a 2-1/4" size, but I think most people would agree that they are much better when done in the 3" size.

(If you don't yet own a 3" button machine, I highly recommend our Model 300 SX . It's an outstanding button machine and works equally well with both paper you print through an inkjet or laser printer, and with photographic prints that you would get from a photo lab.

And that's one of the Model 300 SX strengths. Most other button machines (Badge-A-Minit in particular) don't work well with photographic materials because they cannot generate the crimping power that is necessary to tuck the thicker paper all the way around the back of the button.

But the Model 300 SX can!

Ok, let's get started.

To begin with, we will need a photograph to work with.

The one I've chosen for this demonstration is one taken of my office manager, Ardy, and myself, while we were at a wedding.

The button I plan to make will let Ardy know that she is the "World's Greatest Office Manager"... which she truly is!

photo of Dr. Don and Ardy

So first, we need to scan the photograph so we can get it into our computer.

Once you have scanned your image and saved it to disk, you can then use Photoshop (or a similar to program) to adjust the quality of the image (color, brightness, contrast, etc.) and remove any unwanted elements so you can better focus on your subject.

So to make this photograph work for its intended purpose, I'm going to remove myself from the photo.

Ardy 1

Here I have used Photoshop's selection tool and cut out only the part of the photograph I want to use. But you can still see the edge of my shoulder on the right of Ardy, as well as my hand on Ardy's shoulder. Since these are both distractions, I am going to use Photoshop's eraser tool to remove them.

As the name implies, Photoshop's eraser tool lets you "wipe away" things you don't want. So now I am going to take out everything in the image, except for Ardy
Ardy 2

Now that's more like it!

When you have the image you are working with adjusted the way that you want it, you then need to save it in a computer file format that your text curving program can import.

Once the image has been saved, I will now need to open a program to create the curved text and import my photo of Ardy.

My initial thought was to use blue colored text for my button, but after trying it, I felt it overpowered Ardy. So I instead chose a plum color that I felt better complimented her complexion.

Ardy's Photo Button


After just a few minutes, we are ready to print however many photo buttons we need for the project we are working on.

The thing about photo buttons, especially the ones that include text, is that people love them!

And they're willing to pay good money for them, too!

In most instances you will create a single original design and then print out 25, 50, or 100 copies of that design (whatever your customer has ordered) and then make that many buttons.

Simple, but profitable... which is exactly what those of us who make buttons love to do!

I'm sure that there are a number of you who may want to be able to provide your customers with photo buttons, but you may not yet have the equipment to do your own. If you ever find yourself in this situation, don't worry. We'll be happy to help you out. You can simply send us the photograph (we'll return it undamaged) we'll make the photo buttons for you.

Complete Photo Button Production
(If you are in need of photo buttons with text, but aren't ready to do them yourself, we will be happy to make the buttons for you)
For more information on this service, click here.

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