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See if this situation doesn't sound familiar?

You're trying to finish an an order of buttons, and lo and behold, you discover that you have more shells and pin-back button parts than you do mylar discs (the plastics).

If you're like most people who make buttons, this is an all too common occurance.

And without the mylar discs, you can't use the remaining shells and pin-back parts to make buttons.

One reason this happens is that when are busy making buttons, it's just too easy to knock plastics onto the floor. And of course, once they've been stepped on and have dust and dirt imbedded in them, you can't use them.

Up until now the only solution to this problem was to call and order more plastics.

Badge-A-Minit will sell you extra plastics... and we will, too. (But ours costs less).

But I recently came up with another solution that will help solve this problem for our button-making customers, once and for all. And won't cost you another dime.

Here it is.

Simply order your 2-1/4" or 3" button parts from Dr. Don's Buttons in quantities of 250 or more) and we will include, at no additional charge, a pack of extra mylars.

Yes, you heard me right... extra mylars, FREE of CHARGE!

At Dr.Don's Buttons, we're always looking for ways to show you that we appreciate your business!!




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