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Remembrance Pins and Magnets - In Loving Memory
Memorial Pin Template 406- Rectangular

In Loving Memory Memorial Pin Template 6

In Loving Memory Memorial Pin Template 9
IN Loving Memorial Pin Template 10
Memorial Pin In Loving Memory - Rectangular

Our personalized Remembrance pins and magnets are a uniquely beautiful, tangible, touchable way for bereaved families and friends to celebrate and honor the life of their loved one during their memorial service or funeral. They also provide a truly meaningful keepsake to be taken home afterward.

Our Remembrance pins and magnets are beautiful and truly affordable, and are created with deep respect for their purpose, which is to provide comfort in a time of pain and loss.

All Remembrance pin / magnet orders will be produced and shipped from our office the Next Business Day, after design approval, or the order is yours FREE of Charge! (details)

Pricing is shown in the chart below. Click the appropriate link to see pricing for the item you prefer.

We currently offer 18 different Remembrance pin / magnet templates for families to choose from.

We can remove the background from your photograph
When we create Remembrance pins and magnets, we typically remove the background found in the photo and replace it with the background you choose. So you needn't worry if there is anything distracting in the background of the photo you plan to send.

However, if you like the background and would like it to remain, simply choose "use background found in photo" in the dropdown box of the order form (below) where you are asked which template you would like us to use.

Shown below and to the left is an example of a photograph where we removed the background and replaced it with a background found in one of our templates. The example shown below and to the right shows an example that included the original background.

Removing the background from your photo is included in the price.

memorial photo with background
Original Photo
Rectangular Memorial photo Pin
original photo
Original Photo
memorial pin using original background

Text for Your Pin or Magnet
We can include any text you wish on your Remembrance pin / magnet, as long as it will fit. Keep in mind that the more text that is included, the smaller the text must be.

Shown below are examples of popular messages for Remembrance pins / magnets.

"Forever in Our Hearts" - "Rest in Peace" - " In Loving Memory...", "Always in our Thoughts", or Spanish - "En Memoria de...", "Siempre en Nuestras", "En Memoria Carinosa".

Date of Birth - Date of Passing
If you wish, we can include your loved one's date of birth - date of passing. Simply indicate those dates in the form below if you would like us to do so.

Remembrance Pin / Magnet Templates
Shown below are the templates we offer. The round templates are for pins only. The rectangular templates can be used for pins or magnets.

Memorial Photo Pin Template 301
Remembrance Pin Template 301

In Loving Memory Memorial Photo pin
Remembrance Pin Template 302

Siempre en Nuestras Corazones
Remembrance Pin Template 303

In Loving Memory
Remembrance Pin Template 304

En Memoria Carinosa
Remembrance Pin Template 305

Memorial Pin Template 10
Remembrance Pin Template 306

Memorial pin with US Flag Background
Remembrance Pin Template 307

Memorial Photo Pin Template 308
Remembrance Pin Template 308

Memorial Photo Pin Template 309
Remembrance Pin Template 309

Memorial Pin Template 401 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 401

Veterans Memorial Pin Template 402 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 402

Memorial Pin Template 403 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 403

Memorial Pin Template 404 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 404

Memorial Pin Template 405 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 405

Memorial Pin Template 406- Rectangular
Remembrance Template 406

Memorial Pin Template 407 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 407

Memorial Pin Template 408 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 408

Memorial Pin Template 409 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 409

Memorial Pin Template 410 - Rectangular
Remembrance Template 410

Download our Catalog
To download our catalog that shows our round Remembrance pins, click here.

To download our catalog that shows our rectangular Remembrance pins and magnets, click here.

How to send us your photo
To send us the photo you would like us to use, first complete the form at the bottom of the page and click the "SUBMIT" button. You will be directed to another page and be given instructions on how to send your photo. When we receive your information, one of our customer service representatives will contact you to finalize your order and answer any questions you might have.

Have us create a template for you
If none of the templates above are what you are looking for, let us know what you would like and our graphics department should be able to create it for you. One half hour of design time is included in the price, which is usually enough time to setup or create most designs. Additional time to create artwork is charged at the rate of $15 per quarter hour.

If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call at (800) 243-8293. One of our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

Shipping times

UPS shipping map

How to calculate your transit... You do not count the day of shipment & do not count weekends or Holidays.

Examples: (examples below, assuming no holidays during transit)

Next day Air (or 1 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Monday
Next day Air (or 1 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday

Second day Air (or 2 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday
Second day Air (or 2 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Wednesday

3 day Select (or 3 day ground transit) - shipped Friday, schedule to arrive Wednesday
3 day Select (or 3 day ground transit) - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Thursday

4 day Ground transit - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Thursday
4 day Ground transit - shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Friday

5 day Ground transit - shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive following Friday

Enter information for your Remembrance pins / magnets below

How many would you like to order?
(our minimum order is 25)
Select pin or magnet and size
Date by which you need your order in hand?
Which template would you like us to use?
Text, exactly as you want it to appear
on the pin or magnet
(i.e. In Loving Memory)
Name, exactly as you want it
to appear on your pin or magnet
Would you like to include date of birth -
date of passing on the memorial pin/ magnet?
If you would like to include date of birth -
date of passing, enter it here.
(i.e. 1/29/83 - 5/5/13)
Daytime Telephone Number
Alternate Telephone Number
Email Address
Your Name
Ship to Address
City, State, Zip
Comments / Special Instructions

Privacy Statement:
The information you provide will only be used to contact you regarding this order.

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