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One of the most satisfying aspects of operating Dr. Don's Buttons is getting to hear from satisfied customers who call or write say how much they love making buttons now that they own one of our machines.

And the customers who are usually most excited are those who previously made buttons using one of the Badge-A-Minit machines.


Instead of answering the question myself, why not read the what our customers have to say in their own words.

To read comments about our Model 100 one inch button machine, click here

To read comments about our MINI-MAGIC 1-1/4" button machine, click here

To read comments about our Model 225 2-1/4 button machine, click

To read comments about our Model 300 SX 3 inch button machine, click here


Comments about the Model 100 button machine


I ordered the button machine #100, the cutter and extra buttons. Your product is GREAT! I read the instructions that came along with my machine and within 15 minutes I was making buttons.

If anyone is not sure about ordering the cutter - BUY IT - it makes perfect circles that fits exactly into the machine making your buttons look very professional. I will be purchasing another, I am just not sure yet if I want a machine that makes larger buttons or a magnet maker - which is really nice.

Thanks again for a wonderful product and safe delivery of my machine. Feel free to use this letter so others will try your excellent product.

A very happy customer,

Howard Alonzo

I love my button machine (Model 100). It is too cool for words.

- Tom Curey


i already got my button maker, i got off work early today and it was sittin at my door, it got here in what, 4 days?? i was jumpin around like a little girl tryin to get the box open! i didnt even have to read the directions, i popped it open and made 5 pins within 2 minutes!

this thing rocks!!!!


Dear Dr. Don,

Within the last ten days or so- i have become a customer of yours. My daughter has started her own little button company. But, she does not have her own credit card yet, so Dad has done all the ordering! She is swamped with orders, and everything is meshing together very well. Your product (Model 100) is of very high quality, and makes an excellent product!!!

The real reason i am writing this letter is- Tuesday(2/26) I phoned in an order for 1000 more buttons, and received them only two days later! Santa Claus doesn't even deliver that fast!

You can count on my business for ever!!!!

One satisfied customer,
Jim Bolen---------------------

hi there dr. don!

the buttonmaker (model 100) is awesome! can't believe how simple and
efficient it is! the possibilities are endless! this has enabled us to start
a small business and a big thanks for that!!! your product is FABULOUS!!!!!

take care,


I received the one inch button machine today, and I love it!!!!

It is even easier than I though it would be.

Thank you!!!!!!


I got the button maker (Model 100) in the mail and i just want to let you know that it works great and that i love it. its super fabulous!!!

thanks a lot.


Hi Don,

Thank you for the Model 100!

We received it Tuesday afternoon, right on time.

This is AWESOME!

There's just something about buttons. This 1" size is way cool. Can't quite figure it, but they instantly look so polished, so "finished." Mylar plays a key role no doubt.

Now we're on a roll, finding odd and assorted miniature pictures/ designs /whatever, and converting them into tiny wearable art, just for the fun of it.

Once in a while, you get something that is way better, great fun, and even more useful than you expected. For us, this is that.

We thank you.

-- Bonnie



I just wanted to let you know that I was impressed with your responsiveness (phoning after I emailed you with a presales question) and the speed at which I received my Model 100 system after I ordered it. It is really nice to do business with someone who does business like I do!!!

The equipment is exactly as described, very well made, and easy to use. The buttons are a new service that we are providing our customers as part of Web site promotional campaigns. Keep up the good work.

Mike Dunton


Comments about the Mini-Magic 1-1/4" button machine

Dear Dr. Don's-

Thanks for all of your help. I just want you to know that I returned my Badge-A-Minit because I couldn't consistently make decent buttons and ordered your model. I, of course, was skeptical since I had just experienced a very inconsistent product. I have to say that my entire family is amazed. We began making buttons without any instructions--it is that easy!!! My 4-year-old can make a button with your machine! We are addicted!! We have been making buttons all night tonight. Thanks so much for a quality product and your great customer service!!!

Debbie Larson



Comments about the Model 225 button machine

Dr. Don,

Just a note to Thank you for your great Button Machine (Model 225)...

I was ready to buy a semi-automatic from BAM, but I couldn't get ahold of them, I guess it was because of the storms they had. I just happened to find your Great! website and spent a while studying it.

I called last Monday to ask some questions and Dorothy was very helpful getting me started on the right track. She is Great! I ordered the Model 225 setup and it arrived on Thursday. I am simply amazed with the machine and how easy and fast it is to use. The quality of the finished buttons is unbelieveable conpared to the BAM buttons. It took very little change to the art work I was using to make it perfect for the Model 225...
Your AC-1 cutter is also a dream to use. It is miles ahead of the BAM metal ajustable cutter.

I am an artist and I can hardly wait to put some of my art work on some buttons.

I plan to get the Model 300 press in a short while.

Thanks again for your great machine and your very informative and easy to use website...

Bill Carnahan

Dr. Don,

My sister recently purchased a button maker from your competitor, Badge-A-Minit, and it was more like "nightmare-a-minute". Needless to say, she returned it and went to Dr. Don's.

I couldn't believe how easy this machine was to use and I am now ADDICTED to making buttons for our store...

Thanks again for a great product, fast shipping and an overall great experience!

Kathleen Ulm


Dr. Don,

I just bought the Model 225 about 10 days ago! I loved it so much, I stayed up until almost 2 a.m. tonight just making buttons, buttons and more buttons. The amazing part is I HAVE NEVER MADE A BUTTON IN MY LIFE!!! It was so RIDICULOUSLY EASY, that I could see a future in a small business I know I'd enjoy.

I can't wait to get this Model 300 SX for 3 inch buttons. I am a bus driver, and the potential to make some REAL CASH is just staring me in the face. HURRY, HURRY, HURRY and send my Model 300 SX machine!!!

Donna Austin

P.S. I love your website, too. So friendly and helpful!!!

Dr. Don,

I received my new Model 225 yesterday just as you promised.

As soon as I opened the box I knew it was a winner! Not a cheap plastic "scrap producing" badge maker like my Badge a Minit kit, but a solid made "professional" button maker.

It is so easy to use, even for the whole family. I was cranking out top quality buttons minutes after taking it out of the box. The scrap rate on my other system was about 25% The only scrap I've made with the Model 225 is when I tried going too fast and left out pieces.

Right now I am in the process of remaking my current stock of Badge a Minit products (they are going in the trash) so I can can give my customers the quality they deserve.

The cutter you provided is also a gem!

Thank you for answering my e-mails and talking with me on the phone leading up to making the decision to buy the Model 225. As far as I am concerned you saved my business.

My creativity and your machine... the possibilities are endless.

You can use me as a reference any time. Tell your customers to drop me a line. This is a great product at the right price and you are great person to deal with, too. Thank You!

Michael Golick

Dr. Don,

I have been so pleased with the service from your company. Your staff and your products far and away exceed my expectations. I would recommend your company based on your service alone, but the quality of your (model) 225 machine is unbelievable!

I am having so much fun with it because it is so easy to use!

I am a middle school band teacher and we were selling buttons as a fundraiser this spring using the old BAM hand press, and I had to have 6 or 7 students after school to make the buttons--and make them slowly. The machine broke in the middle of the fundraiser, so I ordered your 225, and my students were as amazed as I was with the ease and quality of the machine. To make buttons twice as fast as the BAM, I only needed 1 student after school with your machine-- and they all wanted to be the one to stay!

You machine is easy and fun-THANKS!

Nancy Stover


Well, things were very exciting here this afternoon.

First I got to leave work early. Then I arrived home to find my new button machine (Model 225) had arrived!

First things first. My daughter and I unpacked it all, and then we cleared off the dining room table and started making buttons. My first order was already placed and paid for a week earlier, now I could actually fill that order.

With me running the circle cutter, and my 16 yr. old daughter making the buttons, we had the complete order of 200 buttons made, and stickered in under two hours.

It was simply amazing!

We were almost arguing over whose turn it was to make buttons. So, after the initial few buttons we started timing ourselves, and Dr.Don, I can make 5 buttons in one minute! My daughter did 3 in one minute.

This is such an improvement over that old Badge-A-Minit puny hand press, I now don't know what I'm going to do with all those buttons I made with it. The quality of those Badge-A-Minit buttons doesn't even come close to the ones I just made with your machine. There is no way I'd let those Badge-A-Minit buttons out of this house with my logo on them!

And out of those 200 made, I only lost two, yes two, to mess ups. And they were totally my fault. I did not put the parts in correctly, and of course that won't work. ( I had the pin back part in wrong side up.)

This is a great deal less than I lose with the "other" buttons.

Please feel free to use any part of this letter as a testimonial on your site, if you choose.

M J Manning

Hi Dr. Don,

I just wanted to share with you how much I love your button maker (Model 225).

We had purchased a button maker the year before. It took four adults to figure out how to use it, and sometimes as long as 30 minutes to make a button!

I saw your web site when I was browsing. Your button maker looked so easy, and you said I could return it if it wasn't as easy as it looked.

Well we just made over 300 buttons... I showed my 4th grade son how to cut out the circles and make the buttons. Within 5 minutes, he was better than I was...

Thanks for having a button maker that even my 4th grader can use and make great looking buttons.

Renee Ramig
Technology Resource Specialist

Dr. Don,

We absolutely just love our Model 225 Button machine and the fantastic service & quality of products we have received from all of you at Dr. Don's.

Tracy Smith
Club President
Rockford IceHogs Booster Club

Hi Dr. Don,

I bought your button machine (Model 225) and received it last Friday. It's YOUR FAULT I haven't gotten ANYTHING done in this last week! This button machine is just TOO MUCH FUN!

Badge-a-Minit was the only home machine I knew was available. (I bought one for one of my nieces about 15 years ago as a birthday present. No one had the hand strength to make the buttons tight enough to stay together.) So I looked over their site and thought about a bench machine, but God-Bless the internet! I did a search and found your site and, boy! Did it make me change my mind! Even though your machine was a little more expensive, it was clearly a superior machine. I bought the 2 1/4" package and you delivery time was great!

Well, to make a really long story a little shorter, I haven't looked back.



I received my button machine (the Model 225) today, and I must say, I am very pleased. I spent more time reading the instructions than making my first button. It works great; it's easy, and the price was very reasonable.

I looked over 3 companies and 5 models before picking yours. I just thought you'd like to know that your excellent website is what did it. The video was great to actually see how easy it is, plus the comparison of directions for yours and badge a minute (which I was leaning toward, but concerned about plastic parts). I opted for the more expensive metal machine since it looked like it would be much easier to use (and time is money), and the reorder parts were cheaper.

In addition, knowing how heavy that box was, I realize how much I would have
been reamed by the other company for shipping.

And my dad was so interested that he made a copy of the sheet with the circles, and he's thinking of his own buttons to make and sell...

Anyway, I was excited to receive it so quickly, and after looking at it, I KNOW I picked the right machine and the right supplier. I'll be looking forward to doing more busines with you.


Meghan Noecker
Friesians in the Northwest

My daughter, Erin Bush, demonstrated both Badge-a-Minute and Dr. Don's Model 225 button making machine as a school assignment last year.

She brought both machines with her and both circle cutters, along
with paper templates, pre-cut circles and completed buttons pre-made
from both machines.

She explained the process of using a computer with software such as word or a graphics program to make the button graphics and explained different uses and ideas for buttons. She stepped through the process up to the point of using a machine to produce the finished button.

Then she asked for a volunteer and showed them the process of the
Badge-a-Minute machine first. The volunteer tried to make one himself
as she guided him through, but the button did not seal very well (Surprise! NOT!) and he was very confused along with the rest of the class.

Then she helped him to make one using Dr. Don's machine! A perfect button in just a couple of steps, no confusion and lots of smiles!

To illustrate the true cost of making buttons she showed them many buttons that had not sealed correctly from my box of rejects made with Badge-a-Minute. After the cost was outlined, it was clear to the class that although the initial cost of the badge-a-Minute machine appeared to be less, in actuality it is not due to the lost stock and the time involved. Not to mention the frustration and the feeling of security in your finished product!

Everyone wanted to make a button! The machine they all wanted to use was, of course, Dr. Don's!!! Erin got an A for her project and everyone really enjoyed it and she is my helper when I make buttons!


I can sum up our reaction to the Model 225 in one word - WOW!

My wife has probably made 1,000 buttons on the hand held Badge-A-Minit machine. As a result we have become used to less-than-ideal results, but figured it was "OK for what we were doing". Little did we know how easy - and professional looking - home-made buttons could be.

In the course of about 15 minutes, I unpacked the goodies, (sort of) read the instructions, and made a dozen perfect picture buttons. We both marveled at the ease and the finished product...

I am so glad that we found your web site and have this machine.

We look forward to doing more business with you in the future.



Hi Doc,

I received my Model 225 and AC-1 circle cutter yesterday, just in time to
process a 100 piece order of photo buttons. My wife had to take a shot, with the digital camera, of a chorus director at practice last night, because we were not satisfied with the photo supplied to us (we are picky!).

We did not get back to our button work area until 1:00 AM in the morning.

Well, the order was due to be processed and delivered ASAP. I said, with a deep breath, "I hope this button stuff works as good as it looks." (I was a machinist in my earlier days). Well I unloaded the camera into the computer, cropped the picture. My wife printed the the shot "9-up", and stapled three sheets together at a time. I used the AC-1 (circle cutter) to whip through those pages like a hot knife, with eyes, through butter.

The Model 225 button maker was so easy and so much fun, that I left 20 buttons for my 17 year old daughter to do in the morning. After all that and 80 buttons (I let my wife do 2) I went to bed at 2:15 AM.

The Fiskers circle cutter that I had been using has been retired.

The Badge-A-Minit machine may make a good boat anchor. I had it on loan, made five buttons, threw three of them across the room, hit the internet looking for them and found Dr. Don's.

Of the 80 buttons made (including the two made by my wife for her "training") I ruined one mylar. As much as I would like to blame the machine, I must admit I forgot to put in the button face (it WAS 1:45 in the morning!!). I was frugal, though, because I separated the photo from the mylar and straightened the photo edges, and reused it to make a perfect button with tight clean edges.

Try THAT with a Badge-A-Minit!

I quote Jim Carrey, "SMOKIN'!!!!."

Thanks for your help in making this purchase and saving me $200 by correctly identifying our button making needs. I had no idea I would be having so much fun supplying people with buttons.

Dennis Lottman

Hi Don,

I received the model 225 and all the button parts, cutter, and extras yesterday!


I'll tell you, I'm very impressed with you, your websight, and your business. The quality of the 225 button machine, cutter, and parts is far better than expected.

I am very satisfied with my shipment, and in business, that's all we can ask for, but so rarely achieved. When my expectations are exceeded, I am very impressed.

Thanks, we'll do business again soon!

Bob Flanagan
Kingwood Vending

Hi Dr. Don!

I called you on the day I received your machine (Model 225) because I had a small case of "cold feet". I wasn't sure about a machine that wasn't compatible with the Badge-a-Minit. Well, it took all of one button (and photo enhancement ring) to change my mind. I could not believe the professionality. . . it is simply unparalleled with any button I have made previously.

I'm totally sold!


Lisa Peterson


Could you hear the shouting from the mountain-top in Pittsburgh where you are in Phoenix?

The model 225 I bought from Dr. Don's Buttons is superb!

You were right about everything you've told me--I can't get over how easy it is to use, and the finished product is spectacular! My buttons are now much more professional - looking than when I used my old Badge-a-Minit machine.

Thanks so much for all of your help!

Hugs and kisses :-),

Betsy Manderino


I was describing to a friend the difference between the old Badge-A-Minit machine and my new (model) 225. I told her it was like the difference between mowing an acre of lawn with one of those push lawn mowers vs. one of those 8 foot wide mowers that the Dept. of Transportation uses.

It's what you should have if you are serious about your buttons. It makes a much tighter and cleaner - more professional looking button.

It's also reduced my button waste to about 10% of what it was - I won't ship a button if it doesn't look right - I have had no problem at all with the transparent button covers on my new machine.

It's also enabled me to do so many more buttons in so much less time.... I've had more time to get more orders

I only wish you had convinced me sooner, Don.

Dr. Gail Hertz


Dear Dr. Don,

About 4 years ago, when my sons were in high school athletics (wrestling, football & cheerleading stunt squad) I purchased a BAM bench press set-up to make sports buttons. We made about 2 dozen buttons, got discouraged because it was complicated and tiring and wound up putting it away in a closet. To tell you the truth, I had forgotten about it until a couple of weeks ago when my boss at work asked me to get quotes for (250) 2-1/4" buttons for an advertising campaign he had come up with.

I remembered my BAM button maker and told him, "I have a button making machine at home, let me have the order and I'll deliver the goods in a few days."

I went home that night and dragged out my BAM button making stuff, proceeded to make a couple of sample buttons for him to look at and realized the error of my ways real fast! How in the world would I be able to make 250 buttons with my BAM setup??

In a panic, I immediately got on the internet to find a better way....and I found you!!

The price for the Model 225 almost scared me away, but your video sold me...that night I ordered your Model 225 "Homebased Business Starter Kit." It arrived very quickly and minutes after I opened the box, I had made my first few buttons. It was fun and easy!!

A few nights later, my husband and I cranked out the entire order of 250 buttons. Unfortunately, we were shorted (5) button fronts in the starter kit and had to resort to the BAM for the last 5...yuck!!

Please feel free to use any or all of this letter as testimonial.

Rosa Madden


Not long ago I received an email from Jana Valdez, who was interested in using buttons to promote her husband's business. Her husband, she mentioned, is a blind comedian.

When I heard that, something clicked.

I vividly recalled seeing a blind comedian on our local cable channel about one year earlier. I was impressed enough by his positive outlook on life that he inter-mixed with his humor that I taped the show, hoping to show it to my children when they were a little older and better able to appreciate his message.

As it turns out, the comedian that so impressed me, and Jana's husband, are one and the same.

(If you ever have an opportunity to see Alex Valdez, the blind comedian, do yourself a favor and go. Not only is he funny, I guarantee you will walk away from the show laughing and uplifted from his message.)

Anyway, Jana sent me the following email after purchasing our Model 225 button machine.



I let one of Alex's friends, who is also totally blind, make a few buttons and she loved it. She said she now has a new skill to fall back on in case she ever loses her job. She and I worked out a braille button, I have got to sit down with the embosser and see if I can figure out a way to "mass" produce them.

Jana Valdez


Hi Don,

I wanted to tell you how much I love my new button machine (Model 225). It's so easy to use and the buttons come out perfect every time. My kids weren't all that excited when I first told them I was getting the button maker, but now I can't keep them away from it! I think we'll be ordering more supplies soon!

I am very happy with your company and products and would gladly let others know about it!

You have my business for any future supplies and machines (we're already talking about larger buttons and photo buttons - who knows, we may have found a great family business!)

Thanks again for everything,

Sue Prosser



I have owned a Badge-a-Minute hand press for a number of years and have had some degree of success with a part-time button business. I have, however, always been bugged by several factors.

First, the number of button parts wasted by the press not evenly compressing the mylar cover into the button.

Second, the fact that the Badge-a-minute name is plastered on all my buttons and I do not like having my customers have access to my source supply.

Third, the machine and assembly rings are not very solidly made. The plastic rings break, and the press seems to loosen after repeated use. Granted, all the parts are lifetime guaranteed, BUT, when my plastic rings broke, Badge-a- Minute wanted me to send them my broken parts before they would replace them!

How many people keep broken bits of plastic around?

Anyway, I like what I see of your machines, and I like your button part prices.


Robert Rocco

Comments about the Model 300SX button machine

Dr. Don,

I bought the machine for my teenagers to use several years ago. They made buttons for local soccer team moms and cheerleaders. I have taken over their business and I'm doing quite well. I'm very happy with my machine and I tried to keep a friend from buying a BAM machine, but he did anyway and has already quit (of course that means more business for me)....thanks,

Beth (Bee's Buttons)

Dr. Don,

We LOVE the new machine (Model 300SX). We got it yesterday and used up all our button parts last night. It is a joy to use after that dinosaur of a machine we had!

Please ship the button parts we ordered the fastest way so we can have more fun (and make more money for the kids)

Teresa Ivey

Dr. Don,

We Love our button maker! (Model 300 SX)

Thanks so much for your great web page and all your great FREE offers and tips.

The children are using the button maker to go to fairs and fundraisers to raise money to do their X-mas shopping. It is a wonderful tool to teach them about money management, business and profit ratios.

Thanks for making this so easy!

Barbara J.

If you are one of our satisfied customers and would like to share your thoughts about your machine, or about our service, I would love to share your words with those who haven't yet discovered how easy making buttons can be when you are using a great machine.

And of course, if for any reason you are unhappy with one of our machines, or our service, I definitely want to hear from you.

Happy button making!



Don Ratliff
aka Dr. Don


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