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Artwork for Labels / Lapel Stickers

If you have artwork you would like to have us use to make labels or lapel stickers, please read the information below.

File formats we can work with

We can work with artwork saved in any of the following file formats:

.ai (Adobe Illustrator) *
.psd (PhotoShop)

* We prefer working with files that have been saved in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai).

If you will be sending an Adobe llustrator file (.ai) - please save it as version CS 6 (or lower) and convert all fonts to paths / outlines

It's not the best program for designing artwork, but we may be able to extract graphic images from Microsoft Word files that have been saved as a .doc

Sorry, but we are unable to work with PowerPoint or Publisher files. If you have PowerPoint or Publisher files, please save them as a .tiff or .jpg.

Download Lapel Sticker Templates

1.5" Round .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP
2" Round .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP
2.5" Round .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP
3.33" Round .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP
2" Square .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP
3.75" x 2.5" Rectangle .AI .PDF .PSD .EPS .SVG .ZIP

Sizing the artwork for your labels or lapel stickers

For specifics on how to properly size the artwork for your labels or lapel stickers, please look at the table below and find the size you wish to have made.

Underneath each size you will see three dimensions... Image Area and Background Area. Below the table is a graphic that explains what each term means.

Dimensions for Lapel Stickers
1.5 inch round sticker

image area = 1.2"
cut line = 1.5"
background area = 1.6"

2.00 inch round sticker

image area = 1.65"
cut line = 1.9"
background area = 2.0"

2.50 inch round sticker

image area = 2.2"
cut line = 2.5"
background area = 2.67"

3.3-inch round sticker

image area = 3.0"
cut line = 3.33"
background area = 3.44"

2.00 inch square sticker

image area = 1.65 x 1.65"
cut line = 1.9" x 1.9"
background area = 2" x 2"

3.75" x 2.50"
rectangular sticker

image area = 3.4" x 2.10"
cut line = 3.75" x 2.44"
background = 3.9" x 2.6"

labels or lapel sticker

Image Area - sometimes called "live area"; this is the area in which the text and graphics need to be contained. Doing so keeps your text and graphic images from getting too close to the edge of your label / lapel sticker and possibly going over the side.

Cut Line - This is the edge of the sticker

Background Area - If you'd like your label / lapel sticker to have a colored background or a "bleed" as it is sometimes called, use this figure to properly size the background color of your design. This figure is important, so please make certain any background or background color (other than white) is the exact size called for, for your particular label / lapel sticker size.

Sending clip art, logos, photos or finished artwork

If you have a logo, a photo, or any type of clip art you would like us to use, please send it as a high-resolution .jpg or .psd file, preferrably at 200-300 dpi. (300 dpi yields better results).

Potential Problems with Fonts

When we receive artwork that was created with a font we don't have, problems can arise.

If we don't have the EXACT font that was used (there are many variations of common fonts and there's a good chance those variations will not work), we won't be able to print your design and have it look the way you intended.

However, there are ways around this problem.

If your artwork is created in CorelDraw or Adoble Illustrator, please convert the fonts to what are known as paths / outlines before sending your file. (To convert to paths / outlines simply select all the type in the design and choose the "convert to paths / outlines" option under the type menu).

Another way to avoid font problems is to send your artwork in any of the following file formats (.pdf, .png, .jpg, .bmp, or .tif). If you use any of these file formats, we won't have a problem with the fonts.

If you are going to create and send a relatively simple design, it probably would be easier to have our graphics department create the artwork for you. And since basic design and set-up is included in the price, it would probably be easier for you, too.

Digital Printing and Color Matching

The items we produce will be printed on a high-quality Konica Minolta digital color laser printer.

Because we print digitally, we are unable to offer exact Pantone color matching. If you need any item we produce to be color matched, please let us know when placing your order.

If you need clip-art for your label / lapel sticker, but don't have what you need

If you want to include a graphic image (often referred to as clip art) in your design, but don't have what you need, we have a possible solution.

You can go to freepik.com and look through their vast collection of online clip art. We have a subscription to their service and we can use the clip art found on their site to help create your design.

To facilitate your search, simply enter a word or short phrase that describes what you are looking for in their search window. After viewing the results, if you find a piece of clip art you'd like us to use, click on the item and copy the link to that piece of clip art. There should be a seven digitl number at the end of the link, Write that item number down and let us know what it is. We then will be able to find it and use it to create your design.


If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

  • Enter all the information requested in the form below, then click the SUBMIT button.

  • On the following page, upload your artwork

  • Once we receive your artwork, we will create a prototype for you as soon as possible and then post the prototype to a private area of our web site so you can see it. You can then give your approval (or request a revision) before we start producing your order.

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