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4" x 6" Political Oval
Bumper Sticker Templates
political oval bumper sticker
political oval bumper sticker
political oval bumper sticker

If you need bumper stickers in a hurry, you'll be glad to know that we offer the FASTEST service in the industry for printing full-color bumper stickers without ever charging Rush Service Fees!

With our with Speedy Service Guarantee, qualifying orders will be printed and ready to ship the Next Business Day... or they're FREE!

Our Bumper Stickers Come Off Clean and Easy!
Our bumper stickers are printed on a high-quality, vinyl stock that has a specially formulated removeable adhesive. This special adhesive makes it easy to positon or re-position your bumper sticker. And when it's finally time to come off, virtually no residue is left behind.

But you can rest assured, until it is time to remove it, our bumper stickers will stick like glue!

Oval Bumper Sticker Templates
Shown below are our templates for our oval political bumper stickers.

Some of the templates are available with different color backgrounds.

Click any design below to order bumper stickers using that template or to see if we have any background color variations for that particular design.

If you like a particular template, but would prefer to have the background, or text for that template be a different color than any shown on that template's page, just ask. Chances are we can provide you the colors you need.

Bumper Sticker Pricing

(Oval) 25 50 100 250 500 1,000 1,500 2,000 2,500 5,000
4" x 6" $49
1.96 ea
1.38 ea
.89 ea
.64 ea
.45 ea
.34 ea
.29 ea
.259 ea
.251 ea
.235 ea

political oval bumper sticker template 200
Political Oval Template 200

political oval bumper sticker template 201
Political Oval Template 201

political oval bumper sticker template 202
Political Oval Template 202

political oval bumper sticker template 203
Political Oval Template 203

political oval bumper sticker template 204
Political Oval Template 204

oval bumper sticker template 205
Political Oval Template 205

political bumper sticker template 206
Political Oval Template 206

political bumper sticker template 207
Political Oval Template 207

political bumper sticker template 208
Political Oval Template 208

political bumper sticker template 209
Political Oval Template 209

political bumper sticker template 210
Political Oval Template 210

political bumper sticker template 211
Political Oval Template 211

political bumper sticker template 212 - oval
Political Oval Template 212

political bumper sticker template 213 - oval
Political Oval Template 213

political bumper sticker template 214- oval
Political Oval Template 214

political bumper sticker template 215 - oval
Political Oval Template 215

oval political bumper sticker template 216
Political Oval Template 216

oval political bumper sticker template 217
Political Oval Template 217

oval political bumper sticker template 218
Political Oval Template 218

oval bumper sticker template 219
Political Oval Template 219

oval political bumper sticker template 220
Political Oval Template 220

To begin, click the icon above that best represents the size / shape you are looking for.

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