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Button Backgrounds
Disc 2 CD

If you are tired of making buttons that have white or solid color backgrounds, our Button Backgrounds Disc 2 CD can help take the buttons you design from boring to breath-taking!

Button Backgrounds Disc 2 CD has 252 vibrant and colorful button backgrounds that can add pizazz to the buttons you make.

Shown below are just 21 of the colorful backgrounds found on the CD.

The backgrounds found on our Button Backgrounds Disc 2 CD are sized and sorted, so you can easily make buttons in any (or all) of the 9 button sizes listed below.

1",1-1/4",1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2",
Badge-A-Minit-size 2-1/4" and Badge-A-Minit size 3"

To use a background, simply find one you feel would be appropriate for the type of button you want to make, open it using any graphics program that can open or import .jpg files (or our CD Template Button Design Studio), add any text or graphic you wish, and send it to print.

Making great looking buttons is a lot easier to do when you have great backgrounds to work with!

So don't delay... order your copy of our
Button Backgrounds Disc 2 CD today!

"Button Backgrounds"
Disc 2 CD

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"Button Backgrounds"
Disc 2

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For information on how to use our Button Design CDs, click here.

Online Button Design Studio
Easily add text to any of the images on our Button Design CDs
using nothing more than your Internet browser!

only $99.95
Dr. Don's Online Button Design Studio

If you don't yet own a graphics program with which to design buttons or to add text to the templates on any of our Button Design CDs, you are definitely going to want to look into the Online Button Design Studio.

Unlike traditional software that is loaded onto a single computer, you access the Online Button Design Studio over the Internet, using your Internet browser. This means you can design buttons at home, at work, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The Online Button Design Studio is made up of three powerful design modules; the "Curved Text Studio", "Photo Button Studio" and "CD Template Studio" which make it easy to create just about any kind of button you can possibly imagine.

And all three modules give you the feature every button-maker wants and needs; the ability to create curved text!

But that's not all!

The Online Button Design Studio also gives you the ability to change typestyles, change the color of your text, and if you like, give your text a glow.

You can make your text larger, or smaller and increase or decrease the spacing between your letters.

You can create and delete text fields with the click of a button and save your designs to work on or print at a later time.

You can upload photos to make your own photo buttons, or upload templates from any of our Button Design CDs and add your own text before sending them to print.

After you've finished creating your design, you can select which size button you are going to make and the Online Buton Design Studio will take your design, properly size it and add a cut line. It will then fit as many designs as possible on the page and save it as a .pdf file that you can easily print using Adobe Reader (a free program) or any program that can open and print .pdf files.

And with all its many advanced design features, the Online Button Design Studio is still incredibly easy to use!

But you don't have to believe me, because we created a Demo version of the Online Button Design Studio that allows you test all it's powerful features and see for yourself.

Try the FREE Demo version of our Online Button Design Studio
To try the
DEMO version of the Online Button Design Studio, click here.

FREE Political Template Design
And you can download a FREE political template to use to test in the CD Template Studio by clicking here.

The Online Button Design Studio produces designs for all of the following button sizes: 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2", 6" as well as Badge-A-Minit size 2-1/4" and 3" buttons.

The Online Button Design Studio is compatible with both Windows and Mac and simply requires you to have the Flash 10 browser plug-in, a free download from Adobe.

One year of access to the Online Button Design Studio for only

Don't let this offer slip through your fingers... Be sure and order NOW!

To order the Online Button Design Studio
and receive INSTANT ACCESS, click the
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for more info, click here

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For information on how to use our Button Design CDs, click here.

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