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How to use Dr. Don's Button Design CDs

The information below details how you use any of the Button Design CDs that are offered by Dr. Don's Buttons, and has answers to many frequently asked questions about their use.

Graphics Programs
To use the designs / templates found on our Button Designs CDs you will either need a graphics program that can work with .jpg files or access to our Online Button Design Studio.

Examples of programs that can work with .jpgs files are Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator, Print Artist, Microsoft Publisher and even Microsoft Word.

Using the CDs
To use any of the images found on our Button Design CDs, insert your copy of the CD into the CD drive on your computer. If the graphics program you are going to use isn't already open, go ahead and open it now. Then open or import the file on the CD that you would like to use to create your button.

Working with Button Templates / Button Backgrounds
(where you need to add text to complete the design)

Our Button Design CDs contain "button templates" and/or "button backgrounds". These are simply designs where you add text to complete the design (such as the one shown above). You use your graphics program to add any text you wish.

If you want to add curved text to a template or button background, your graphics program must give you the ability to do so.

While not all graphics programs offer the ability to create curved text, the Online Button Design Studio does and no program available on the market today makes it easier to create buttons with curved text than the Online Button Design Studio!

Questions and Answers about using our Button Design CDs

Q. I inserted the CD into my drive, but it didn't install anything on my computer. Why not?

A. Our Button Design CDs are not applications, so they will not install anything on to your computer. To access any of the files on the CD, you will need to use a graphics program to open / import the file(s) you wish to use. If you are not sure how, refer to your computer's instruction manual for information on how you transfer files from a CD to your hard drive.

Q. When I open any of the designs on my CD, the images nearly fill the page and are much larger than they should be. Can you tell me why this is happening and what I can do about it?

A. Some graphics programs are intended to be used with "low resolution" graphics, such as those typically found on the Internet. When this type of graphics program encounters a "high-resolution" graphic (like those on our CDs) the program may respond by enlarging the image nearly 4 times larger than it should be.

There are three work-arounds to solve this problem.

The first is to use the CD Template Studio portion of the Online Button Design Studio. It will properly handle the designs on our Button Design CDs so you don't have to worry about re-sizing the images to make them smaller.

If you are using your own graphics program, the second method is to see if it has a scaling feature. If it does, you can select the image and then, through trial and error, see what percentage you need to use to "scale the image" back to its proper size. (this action is similar to what you do on a copy machine that allows you to reduce or enlarge copied images.)

Once you have determined the percentage of reduction it needs to be, you should be able to use that same figure every time you wish to use any of the files on your CD.

If your program doesn't offer a scaling feature, the third option to manually re-size the image with your graphics program. If you don't how to do this, please check the instruction manual that came with your graphics program to determine how this is done.

If you would prefer not to do any of these work arounds, you might try using another graphics program to design your buttons, one that was designed to work with high-resolution images.

Q. I'm new to computers and I don't know how to do what you just explained. Is there anyone in your office who can help me?

A. I'm sorry, but we are unable to offer that level of support.

There are literally hundreds of graphics programs on the market today and they all do things differently. So there is simply no way we could possibly offer this type of assistance to our customers.

The best suggestion I can make is to read the instruction manual that came with your graphics program. Or if you have a friend who is experienced working with computers, you might ask them to assist you in learning how to use it.

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