Button Design Rings CD

Over the years, a number of customers have asked me how to create buttons that have text inside a colored ring that runs along the edge of a button. It isn't all that difficult, if you have the right type of software, but for beginners, it can be a real challenge.

This lead me to have our graphics department create the templates on the CD that, for lack of a better name, I'm calling
Button Design Rings.

To use this CD, simply open any template you wish to use using any graphics program that can open / import a .jpg file. Then add whatever text you wish and send it to print.

How much easier could it be?

Below are examples of buttons that we made using just 6 of the 113 rings templates that can be found on our Button Design Rings CD.

On the left you can see how the templates look in their "raw state", before text has been added. And on the right, how they might look after text is added.

Each template on the CD is ready to use to make buttons in any, or all of the following button sizes: 1-1/2", 1-3/4, 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2", Badge-A-Minit size 2-1/4" and Badge-A-Minit size 3 inch.

As with all our Button Design CD's, Button Design Rings is compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Button Design Rings CD can be purchased for $39.95. Or you can get it FREE of Charge with a qualifying purchase of 250 or more pinback button sets (1-1/2" or larger).

Don't delay... get your copy of
Button Design Rings CD today!

Ring # 001

Ring # 002

Ring # 011

Ring # 020

Ring # 043

 Ring # 024

 Dr. Don's Button Design Rings CD
or get it Free of Charge
with a qualifying purchase
of our pinback button sets


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