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Taking a closer look at Badge-A-Minit's
Badge-A-Matic 1 button-making system

(their manually operated button press)

Badge-A-Matic 1 button press, circle cutter and 250 pinback button sets
(as of Jan. 2005)

The Badge-A-Matic 1 button press

The Badge-A-Matic 1 differs a great deal from the BAM hand press and BAM bench press systems.

Instead of the plastic assembly rings, the Badge-A-Matic 1 has built-in assembly rings (also known as dies) and those rings are made of aluminum.

Operating the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press

Of the four button machines Badge-A-Minit offers, the Badge-A-Matic 1 is actually their fastest.

You operate the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press by first stacking the front and back metal button parts, your artwork, and a single mylar disc (the plastic covering) within the die assembly and push down twice on the handle to press the button parts together.

Doing so takes the art and plastic covering, pulls them taut over the face of the button and tucks the excess up underneath the button. The result is much the same as how making a bed tucks the excess portion of the sheets and blankets under the mattress.

It also presses the back part of the button into front, and crimps the edges together.

To reach top speed with a manually operated button machine, you really need to secure it to a work surface to gain stability and better leverage.

Trying to operate a manual button press, like the Badge-A-Matic 1, at top speeds without being secured can cause the press to rock and tip, thus slowing the speed at which the machine can actually operate.

Yet one of the drawbacks with the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press is that Badge-A-Minit does not provide an easy way to secure it to a work surface.

Badge-A-Minit's Cut-A-Circle circle cutter

Cutting artwork for your buttons is an integral part of making buttons, so a discussion of the cutter you will use is important for full understanding of the button-making process.

Badge-A-Minit's Cut-A-Circle, which is included with the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press system priced at $379.95, is an all plastic circle cutter that has a straight-edge cutting blade.

When the blade is sharp, the cutter works quite well.

However, because you use the same part of the blade for each cut, the blade dulls quickly and needs to be replaced on a regular basis.

The cutting blade on the Badge-A-Minit's Cut-A-Circle is not re-sharpenable.

Replacement blades for the Cut-A-Circle are sold in packs of two for $3.95.

If you plan on making lots of buttons using the Cut-A-Circle circle cutter, be sure to keep extra blades on hand at all times.

Making photo buttons with the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press system

One of the biggest short comings for a button machine that costs as much as the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press does, is its inability to make professional-quality photo buttons using photographic prints, such as what you get from a photo lab.

To make a photo button, users of the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press must first change the setting on their BAM circle cutter to its second setting, which allows it to cut the photograph to the size of the "face" of the button.

By taking this step, the Badge-A-Matic 1 then doesn't have wrap the photograph over the edge and up under the button, as it does with buttons made using lighter paper.

The drawback to this procedure, however, is that the photographic image then will stop on top of the button and the button's metal edge will show.

And unless the image is trapped dead center when making the button, your photograph will sit off-center.

Return policy

As with all their machines, Badge-A-Minit offers a 30-day return policy with the Badge-A-Matic 1.

Be aware, however, that they will charge 10% of the purchase price as a re-stocking fee if you return the machine for a refund.

With the cost of the return postage, insurance, and the 10% restocking fee, it would likely cost about $50.00 to return this machine if it doesn't meet your needs.


Pro's and Con's with the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press system

Pros of the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press system

Does produce better buttons than can be made with the BAM hand press or bench press systems

Is faster and easier to operate than either the BAM hand press or bench press system

Cons of the Badge-A-Matic 1 button press system

Is the second most expensive button-making machine compared.

Does not create "professional-quality" photo buttons using photo-weight paper.

Manual Cut-A-Circle circle cutter isn't fully adjustable, and its blades must be replaced on a regular basis.

No easy way to secure the button machine to a work surface.

The 10% restocking fee and return postage make this a very expensive machine to return if you aren't satisfied.

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