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Dr. Don,

I just received my order of buttons. They are awesome. The quality is much better than a sample button I had made at a local trophy shop. Your prices were less and the turn around time was even faster than having it done locally. Thank you for your quick service and professional product. I will recommend you to my friends and remember you in the future.

Thanks again,
Marianne McNeil

Dr. Don,

Thank you again for your help. The other company I was dealing with were so difficult. You made everything so easy, I almost can't believe it. We are looking forward to receiving the order Wed. Thanks again for your fast, prompt and courteous service!

Your "Damsel in Distress"

Edison Local Schools

Dear Don,

Your service is great, great, great!

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Emily McHale
Grafix Intl, Inc.
Miami, FL

Comparing the quality of buttons made with a Badge-A-Minit hand press
to those made with Dr. Don's Model 225 button machine.

Customers often ask me to explain the difference between our button machines and the inexpensive hand press and bench press models offered by Badge-A-Minit and I tell them there are two major differences; the speed at which you can make buttons and the quality of the buttons each machine makes.

While some customers who are on a tight budget are willing to accept a slower machine to begin with, I can't help but wonder how it would affect their decision if they could see for themselves the difference in the quality.

In the photograph above, the button made using a Badge-A-Minit hand press is on the left, while the button made with our Model 225 button machine is on the right.

The red lines in the photo point out one of the biggest complaints people have with buttons made using the inexpensive BAM machines. Notice the "bumps" on the side of the button. The button is "out of round" and does not have the look or feel of a professional quality button.

Now look at the button made with our Model 225. Notice how perfectly round and smooth its edges are.

Now take a look at the photograph below. It shows the back side of both buttons.

Again the Badge-A-Minit 2-1/4" is on the left, while the button made with the Model 225 is on the right.

Notice if you will that Badge-A-Minit's name and telephone number are stamped on the back of their button parts (another frequent complaint, especially from those who are trying to start their own business). Now, notice, if you will, that the back of our button has nothing stamped on it but there is plenty of room to place the FREE stickers we to provide customers who ask for them. Stickers that allow you put YOUR information on the back of the buttons you make.

In the final photo (shown below) again you can see how prominent Badge-A-Minit's name and telephone number are on the back of their button parts. But I would also like to point out the ridges on the side of the button that was made with the Badge A Minit machine. Its edges are rough and feel nearly serrated.

The reason I wanted to point out these differences is to assist you in making an informed decision.

If you were a kindergarten teacher on a tight budget and were only looking to make a few buttons for your students, the Badge A Minit handpress might serve your needs.

But if you are going to be making buttons in any quantity at all or selling them to customers who are going to expect better quality, you really should purchase the better button machine, which I hope you can see is clearly the Model 225 from Dr. Don's Buttons.

We Gladly Accept Purchase Orders
from Schools, Hospitals, and Government Agencies

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We Gladly Accept Purchase Orders
from Schools, Hospitals, and Government Agencies

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