Comparing the circle cutters we offer for making 1-inch buttons

AC-1 Circle Cutter

Punch Cutter

Try cutting the artwork for 1-inch buttons using scissors and you'll soon discover the true meaning of the word "nightmare". It won't be long before you'll wish you had a good circle cutter.

At Dr. Don's Buttons, we offer two different circle cutters to do the job of cutting your 1-inch buttons.

We have the AC-1 hand-held circle cutter and Punch Cutter, which is a table-top cutter.

The AC-1 sells for $99.95, while the Punch Cutter for making 1-inch cuts sells for $149.95

For most customers, the AC-1 cutter is what I recommend. It's easy to use and does a good job of cutting 1-inch button designs. It's also considerably less expensive than the Punch Cutter.

The Punch Cutter is a high-quality cutter and it's main advantage is accuracy. It's the most accurate cutter. The downside to the Punch Cutter is that you must cut your artwork into strips that will fit into cutter. This isn't necessary when using the AC-1 circle cutter.

The AC-1 has a rotary cutting blade which is easly to replace and can also be re-sharpened. The cutting mechanism on the Punch cutter is built into the cutter itself.



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AC-1 Circle Cutter
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Punch Cutter
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