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If you're not sure which brand of button machine you have
please read the following before placing an order for button-making supplies

At Dr. Don's Buttons, we sell the button-making supplies for our button machines, as well as the supplies for Badge-A-Minit 2-1/4" and Badge-A-Minit 3" button machines.

And while we do sell the supplies for both machines, it's important to understand that the supplies for for their machines and our machines are not interchangeable.

The reason they aren't is simply that Badge-A-Minit supplies are a non-standard size. Badge-A-Minit 2-1/4" parts actually measure 2-3/8", while the Badge-A-Minit 3" parts measure 2-7/8".

If you're not sure which machine you have, how can you tell the difference?

Our machines have a distinctive red handle, as seen in the photos above. That red handle tells you the machines is one of ours.

Badge-A-Minit machines are easy to identify because their machines will have "Badge-A-Minit" stamped on them somewhere. If it doesn't have Badge-A-Minit stamped on the machine, it's NOT a Badge-A-Minit machine.

There are numerous button machines on the market and you know you have one of those machines if it doesn't have a red handle or doesn't have Badge-A-Minit stamped on the machine.

The differences in parts from one machine to another can be very subtle. How subtle, you ask?

We used to sell a button machine that was made by another company. That machine used the same metal parts as our Model 225 2-1/4" machine, but required a mylar disc (the plastic covering) that was 1/64th of an inch larger than the one used by the Model 225. Use the mylar intended for the Model 225 in that machine and it would make defective buttons every so often.

Because of this, we made the decision several years ago to only sell parts for our machines and for Badge-A-Minit 2-1/4" and Badge-A-Minit 3" machines.

if you have questions about button-making, button machines,
or if you'd like to place an order by phone,
give us a call toll-free at:

(800) 243-8293

or (623) 869-8233

We Gladly Accept Purchase Orders
from Schools, Hospitals, and Government Agencies

The mailing address for Dr. Don's Buttons is:
3906 W. Morrow Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308

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