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Model 100 Operating Instructions

Making a button: With the handle raised to its extreme upper position and at rest against the handle stop pin, rotate the die table in a counterclockwise direction as far as it will go. This exposes the pickup die as shown in the picture on the right side of this page.Place a button shell into the die as shown in the picture on the right side of this page.Place a button shell into the die as described on the previous page. Then place a graphic (your artwork) that has been cut to a diameter of 1-5/16" into the die over the shell. Finally, cover the graphic with a piece of the clear mylar furnised with your button parts.

Next, rotate the die table one-half turn clockwise until the die table stop is against the outer column. Then pull the handle all the way down as far as it will go to a horizontal position and raise it back up again to its upper rest position.

At this point the crimp die is exposed. Place a collet, with the sharp edge facing upward, into the die.

Next, swing the die table fully counterclockwise, pull the handle all the way down and raise it again. The die table can now be rotated to expose and remove the button. The final step is to insert the spring pin into the back of your button.Graphic Material: Defective buttons can result from trying to use materials that are too thick. The best results are obtained by using paper similar to that used in ordinary printing or photocopying. Photographs may work if the photopaper used by the developer is not too thick. If you attempt to make a button out of a photo and it does not turn out ok, we have two suggestions:

1. Reduce the diameter of the picture to the exact size of the shell. Lay the smaller picture onto the shell and cover it with a standard piece of mylar (the plastic). Now when you finish the button, the photo or other thicker graphic will be trapped on the shell by the mylar.
2. Making full color photocopies of your photographs will transfer them to normal thickness paper so the standard button
making process can be followed. Although it is more expensive, when you make a photocopy, the image can be sized more ideally to fit your button and you will have saved your photograph.
Caring for your button maker: During periods when your machine is not in use, especially in humid conditions, corrosion may form on the steel die parts causing them to make defective buttons. If this happens, the machine dies can be polished with fine steel wool to restore their original function. Silicone spray can be obtained in most hardware and auto supply stores. The advantage of the silicone is that you are less likely to soil buttons when you next use your machine.

Less effort will be required in making buttons if you apply a very small amount of light oil to the shaft that carries the cam rollers so the rollers turn more freely. A couple drops of light oil on the ram guide and ram spring bolts as well as the handle pivot in is also recommended. Take care not to get oil where it will soil your buttons.
model 100 machine

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