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"Making professional quality 1-1/2" buttons just couldn't get any easier!"

Model 175 RX button-making kit

The Model 150 MS is a manually operated 1-1/2 inch button machine. Made of solid-steel, it can produce up to 5 professional quality buttons in a single minute.

ordera Model 150 MS button machine, or button-making supplies for the Model 150 MS

Is 1-1/2" the right size button for your needs? Click here to download a button-size comparison chart.

Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
All of our button machines, circle cutters and button-making supplies are proudly produced in the USA

Making 1-1/2" buttons with the Model 150 MS
If you've ever tried making buttons with one of the inexpensive Badge-A-Minit button machines, you're in for a very pleasant surprise the first time you use our Model 150 MS. That's because the Model 150 MS is so fast and easy to use!

To make a button with the
Model 150 MS, simply place your artwork and button supplies into the machine, pull the handle down twice, and in a matter of seconds your perfectly formed button is made!

In the video below, watch as six year old Benjamin Singel makes a button in only 20 seconds, using the button machine he purchased from Dr. Don's Buttons.

Be Inspired by Benjamin Singel
To see photos and learn what Benjamin Singel has been able to do with his button-making business in the seven years since he first purchased his button machine, click here.

Rugged dependability
Unlike the inexpensive Badge-A-Minit button machines that are made of plastic (or a plastic-like compound), the Model 150 MS is made of solid-steel.
Whiles it's obvious that steel is more durable than plastic, what you might not know is that button machines that are made of steel will also make better buttons. That's because the button machine has to bend and crimp the button parts that are also made of steel.

How buttons are made
The following is a description of what actually takes place when you make a button.

When you push down on the handle of your button machine, the button design and mylar covering are pulled taut over the face of the button. The edge of the artwork and mylar are then tucked underneath the front of the button, in much the same way sheets are tucked under the mattress when making a bed. The back of the button is then pressed into the front and the edge of the button is crimped. This crimping action is what holds the button together.

Why steel is better than plastic
As you push down on the handle of your button machine, mechanical energy travels from the muscles in your arm into dies of the button machine. This energy provides the force that is used to crimp the edge of your button.
The Model 150 MS, which is made of solid steel, facilitates the transfer of mechanical energy far more efficiently than can a button machine made of plastic or aluminum. This is the reason carpenters use hammers made of steel... not plastic or aluminum.

Buttons made with the Model 150 MS will have smooth, tightly crimped edges. They won't exhibit the "poor quality issues" that are so common with buttons made using machines made of plastic; issues like paper and plastic sticking out the sides, buttons that have rough or serrated edges, or buttons that fall apart after being made because the edges weren't tightly crimped.

Make buttons anytime / anywhere
Since it doesn't require electricity to operate and is small enough to fit in a child's lunch box, you can take the Model 150 MS along with you and make buttons where ever you happen to be.

How to get started making buttons
For loads of helpful information about how to get started making buttons, including the story about how Dr. Don got started making buttons and several of my very best money-making ideas, click here.

Creating designs for your buttons is a SNAP, when you use Dr. Don's Online Button Design Studio!

Dr. Don's Online Button Design Studio Dr. Don's Online Photo Button Design Studio
1 Month for $9.95 / 3 Months for $19.95 / or 12 Months for $59.95


Designing buttons doesn't have to be expensive, time consuming, or complicated.

And it isn't when you're using Dr. Don's Online Button Design Studio.

Unlike traditional software that is loaded and used on a single computer, you can access the Online Button Design Studio from any computer, which means you can design buttons at home, at work, anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The Online Button Design Studio includes four powerful design modules; the "Curved Text Studio", the "Photo Button Studio", the "CD Template Studio" and the "Template Background Studio", all of which make it incredibly easy to create nearly any kind of button you can imagine.

And each design module gives you the feature every button-maker wants and needs; the ability to create curved text!

But that's not all!

The Online Button Design Studio also allows you to change typestyles, change the color of your text, and if you like, you can even give your text an exciting glow effect.

You can also make your text larger, or smaller and increase or decrease the spacing between your letters.

You can create and/or delete text fields with the click of a button and you can save designs so you can work on them again, or print them at a later time.

You can upload photos to make photo buttons with or without text, and you can upload templates from any of our Button Design CDs and add text before sending them to print.

After you've created a design, you can then select which size button you would like to make and the Online Buton Design Studio will properly size your design and add a cut line. It will also position as many designs as possible on an 8-1/2 x 11" page and save it as a .pdf file. You can then easily print all your creations using Adobe Reader (a free program) or any program that can open and print .pdf files.

And the best part is that even with all its many advanced design features, the Online Button Design Studio is still incredibly easy to use!

We even created a Demo version of the Online Button Design Studio, so you can try it before you buy it and test out all it's powerful features.

To try the
DEMO version of the Online Button Design Studio, click here.

The Online Button Design Studio can create designs for all of the following button sizes: 7/8", 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2", 6", as well as Badge-A-Minit size 2-1/4" and 3" buttons.

The Online Button Design Studio is compatible with both Windows and Mac, but it does require that the Flash plug-in, which is a free download from Adobe, be installed in your Internet browser.

Please note: Since the iPad or iPhone do not use the Flash plug-in, the Online Button Design Studio cannot be used on either of them.


Button Design CDs

Another truly innovative product we offer at Dr. Don's Buttons is our line of "Button Design CDs".

By using these CDs, now you can create great looking button designs... even if you lack graphic design experience.

You can receive Button Design CDs FREE when you purchase one of our button-making kits or when you purchase additional supplies for a button machine you already own.

For more information about our Button Design CDs, click here.

Printing your designs
You can print your designs using any inkjet or laser printer. Special paper is not required.

Circle cutters
Since cutting the artwork for your buttons is an important part of the button-making process, I want to provide you with information that will help you better understand the process of how buttons are made and help you choose the cutter that is best suited for your needs.

We currently offer two types of circle cutters... the
AC-1 circle cutter and the Punch Cutter.

I recommend the AC-1 for most customers. It's less expensive and can do things the punch cutter cannot.

The AC-1 does its cutting by means of a rotary blade that is safely housed inside the body of the cutter. So it can't cut anything you don't intend to cut. The AC-1's blade sits at the end of a cutting arm that is fully adjustable. This feature allows the AC-1 to make the cuts for buttons as small as 1-inch, as large as 3-1/2 inches, and any size in between.

To use the AC-1, simply place the metal cutting plate (that comes with the AC-1) on a table and place your printed artwork on top of the cutting plate. Position the AC-1 over your artwork and center it. Then push down and turn the handle to cut your artwork into a perfect circle.

The AC-1's rotary blade will stay sharp far longer than any straight-edged cutting blade (such as those used in Badge-A-Minit's circle cutters). The AC-1's
rotary blade will not only give you better cuts, it will cut thousands of designs before ever needing to be replaced.

If you wish, you can even re-sharpen the AC-1's cutting blade. To do so, simply remove the blade from its adjustment arm (it's held in place with a "C-clip") and run the edge of the blade over a whetstone, as if you were sharpening a knife.

For customers who prefer not to resharpen their blades,
replacement blades are only $7.99 each.

30-Day Money-back Guarantee
You can try the Model 150 MS for a full 30-days without risk or obligation. Then, if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, you can return it for a full and immediate refund (less shipping).

If you were to purchase a Badge-A-Minit machine and decided to return it, they would charge you a 10% restocking fee. At Dr. Don's Buttons, we don't charge restocking fees... and we don't need to, because customers who try our button machines seldom ever return them!

Hopefully, this will lead you to wonder... if Badge-A-Minit's button machines are so good, why do they charge a restocking fee when we don't?

Model 175 RX button-making kit

The Model 150 MS Starter Kit
  • Model 150 MS button press

  • AC-1 circle cutter

  • 250 pin-back button sets

  • Premium Button Design CD - FREE

  • Gradient Designs Disc 1 CD - FREE

  • Gradient Designs Disc 2 CD - FREE

  • 90 Days of Unlimited Access to the full version of the Online Button Design Studio

  • 30 Day NO Risk Money Back Guarantee

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

all for only

Lifetime Guarantee

Pricing for our Button-making Supplies









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Key chain
button sets








button-making supplies for the Model 150 MS

When you purchase button sets for the Model 150 MS in a quantity of 250 or more, you will also receive your choice of a Button Designs CD (valued at $39.95) or 30 days of Unlimited Access to the "Curved Text", "Photo Button", or "CD Template" studio portion of the "Online Button Design Studio", Free of Charge!

Meet Benjamin Singel... World's Youngest Button-Making Entrepenuer

Benjamin Singel is only 6 years old, but he's already an experienced button-making entrepenuer.

Benjamin purchased our Model 225 button machine, which he operates himself, and started his own button-making business which he calls "Ben's Deluxe Buttons".

You'll be inspired and amazed by this incredible young man.

To read about Benjamin Singel and his button-making business, click


Create Button-making Templates
Learn how to create a template for making 1-1/2" buttons with the Model 150 MS, click

Other Great Money-making Button Ideas
And for other money-making ideas, click

Button Machine Instructions
For instructions how to use the Model 150 MS button machine and our AC-1 circle cutter, click here.

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button-making supplies

the Model 150 MS
and start making your own 1-1/2" buttons

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