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If you are looking for a solidly built, six-inch button machine that's reliable and easy to use, the Model 600 XL is exactly what you're looking for!

Based on the same solid, time proven design as our Model 225 and Model 300 SX button machines, the Model 600 XL can make professional-quality 6-inch buttons in just seconds!

And making them is so easy!

Simply take your artwork, cut it to size, place the button parts into the machine, pull the handle down twice, and your six-inch button is ready!

Make 6-inch buttons anytime - anywhere

While it's made of solid steel, the Model 600 XL is still relatively easy to transport. So you can take it along with you and make six-inch buttons on location. It doesn't require electricity, which means you can use it to make 6-inch buttons at carnivals, state fairs, at the mall, at parties. You name it, making six-inch buttons on location can be a BIG hit!

And profitable, too!
If you've ever seen six-inch buttons being made, it was likely at a mall or state fair. And chances are, the going rate was at $10.00 or more. If you have a digital camera and inkjet printer, the total cost to make a six-inch button would likely run you less than a dollar a piece.

Great for making extra large political campaign buttons!
The opportunities to make extra large political campaign buttons abound. And to make it even easier, we now include our 6-inch Political Button Templates CD when you purchase the
Model 600 XL.

Money-back Guarantee
The Model 600 XL comes with our famous 30-day Money-back Guarantee, so you can try it for 30-days without risk or obligation. Then, if for any reason it doesn't meet your expectations, you can return it for a full and immediate refund (less shipping).

Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Model 600 XL also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers you from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the machine.

Receive the Model 600 XL button press, enough supplies to make 200 6-inch buttons, 90 days of Unlimited Access to the full version of the Online Button Design Studio and our 6-inch Political Button Design CD for only

all for only

Lifetime Guarantee

Model 600 XL
6-inch button-making kit


* Model 600 XL 6-inch button press

* Model 600 circle cutter

* 200 6-inch pin-back button sets

* 6-inch Political Button Design CD.

* FREE design coupon you can use to have our art department create a design for you.
(up to 1/2 hour design time)

Includes 90 days of Unlimited Access to the Online Button Design Studio

for only


Lifetime Guarantee

Six Inch Circle Cutter


Cut the images / designs for your six inch buttons with our Six Inch Circle Cutter.

The Six Inch Circle Cutter has four spring-loaded pins that securely hold the image to be cut, while it's lightweight design makes for ease of use.

It has dual cutting wheels, so one half turn cuts the complete circle and lets you cut multiple sheets at one time. It's non-marring rubber feet hold it securely in place.

And with it's solid steel construction, it was designed to last you a lifetime.

You can purchase the
Six Inch Circle Cutter
for only


Lifetime Guarantee

Button-making supplies for the
Model 600 XL button machine






button-making supplies for the Model 600

Purchase 200 or more button sets for the Model 600 and receive 30 days of Unlimited Access to the "Curved Text", "Photo Button", or "CD Template" studio portion of the "Online Button Design Studio", Free of Charge!

Online Button Design Studio
Design buttons online using your Internet browser

Dr. Don's Online Button Designer

A challenge often faced by button-makers when they are just getting started is figuring out how they are going to create curved text for their button designs. That's because most graphics programs that are able to create curved text are either expensive, difficult to use, or both.

If you don't yet own a graphics program, or if you struggle to the one you have, the Online Button Design Studio's curved text tool is surprisingly easy to use.

Three Studios in One
The Online Button Design Studio consists of three design modules and each one gives you the ability to create different kinds of buttons. The three modules are the "Curved Text Studio", "Photo Button Studio" and "CD Template Studio". All three studios allow you to easily create curved text.

Nothing to Install
Unlike software that must be installed on a single computer, the Online Button Design Studio is accessed using your Internet browser. This means you can design buttons at work, at school, at home... anywhere you can access the Internet.

Try it before you buy it!
If you'd like to try the Online Button Design Studio before you buy it, you can use the demo version of each of the studios. You'll have the opportunity to use all the features found in the studios and even print your designs. However, each design will have the word "DEMO" imprinted on top of it.

To try the demo version of our
"Curved Text Studio", click here.

To try the demo version of our
"Photo Button Studio", click here.

To try the demo version of our
"CD Template Studio", click here.

One year of Unlimited Access to the Online Button Design Studio is only


To learn more about the Online Button Design Studio, click

a Model 600 button machine
or button-making supplies for the Model 600

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