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Model REC-23 header

Model REC-23 2"x 3" button press rectangular designs CD

If you're ready to broaden your horizons and start making rectangular buttons, our Model REC-23 rectangular button machine and "Rectangular Designs" CD are the tools you need to do the job!

Based on the same time proven design as our Model 225 button machine, our Model REC-23 makes rectangular pin-back buttons, name tags, and refrigerator magnets in the popular 2" x 3" size.

And with the Model REC-23, making them is so easy!

Simply take your printed artwork, cut it to size, place the button parts into the machine, pull the handle down twice and in seconds your rectangular button is ready!

Creating artwork for your rectangular buttons and magnets
If you have a personal computer (or access to one), creating designs for your rectangular button is easy. And with the addition of our Rectangular Designs CD, it's even easier.

Our Rectangular Designs CD is made up of both button-design backgrounds and name badge templates that include the corporate logos of 100 top companies including American Airlines, Albertsons, American Express, AT&T, AutoZone, Barnes & Noble, Blockbuster Video, Best Buy... and many, many more.

To learn more about our CD, click

To use any of the designs on the CD, just open them using any graphics program that can work with .jpg's or tif's. Then add any text you wish and print your rectangular design using any inkjet or laser printer.
There is no need to use special paper to make rectangular buttons... regular copy paper and inkjet paper will work just fine.

You can even use photographic prints, like those you get from a photo lab, to create rectangular photo buttons!

And to get you started, we even include a coupon you can use have the graphics professionals at Dr. Don's Buttons create a rectangular button design for you, FREE of Charge.

Lots of uses for rectangular pins / magnets
There are lots of uses for the pins / magnets you can create with your own rectangular button machine. Here are just a few:

Refrigerator magnets for clubs, schools, businesses, or souvenir shops, sports photo pins, birth magnets (announcing the birth of a baby), baby's first birthday photo magnets or pins, photo pins for special occasions like a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, graduations, high school reunions, name badges for conventions or trade shows, even campaign buttons for a political campaign. The possibilities are endless!

Make rectangular buttons anytime - anywhere
You can make rectangular buttons anytime - anywhere with the Model REC-23. It doesn't require electricity and is easy to transport. Just take it along and make rectangular buttons / magnets wherever you are.

Money-back Guarantee
The Model REC-23 comes with our 30-day Money-back Guarantee. Try it for a full 30 days without risk or obligation. and if it doesn't meet your expectations, simply return it for a full refund (less shipping charges).

Limited Lifetime Warranty
The Model REC-23 also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which covers you from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own the machine.

Model REC-23 2" x 3" button-making machine
Model REC 23 2" x 3" rectangular button press

When you purchase our Model REC-23 rectangular button press, you will receive:

* Our Model REC 23 2" x 3" rectangular button press

The supplies necessary to make 250 rectangular pin-back buttons
(specify whether you'd prefer the pins to be oriented vertically or horizontally)

FREE copy of our "Rectangular Designs" CD

Coupon you can use to have our graphics department
create a
FREE custom button design for you

yours for only

Lifetime Guarantee

punch cutter for REC-23 2" x 3" button machine

Cutting the designs for your 2" x 3" rectangular buttons
To cut the designs for your the 2" x 3" rectangular buttons you'll make with your Model REC-23, I highly recommend our 2" x 3" punch cutter.

To operate it, simply slip your design into the cutter, align it in the cutting window and push down on the red handle to make the cut. It's fast, easy and very accurate.

The punch cutter for the Model REC-23 sells for


Lifetime Guarantee

2" x 3"
button sets





2" x 3"
button sets
includes button fronts,
pin-backs & mylar covers





2" x 3"
button sets
includes button fronts,
backs, mylar covers
& peel / stick magnets





*when ordering rectangular pinback sets, specify whether you
want the backs to orient horizontally or vertically

button-making supplies for the Model REC-23

Start making highly profitable rectangular buttons
with the REC-23 button press

or if you'd like to place your order by phone,
just give us a call at
(800) 243-8293
or (623) 869-8233

Our address:
Dr. Don's Buttons
3906 W. Morrow Drive
Glendale, Arizona 85308

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