Shipping to countries other than the United States

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Shipping To Countries Other Than
the United States

We often receive email asking whether we ship to other countries.

The answer is "Yes. And we are happy to do so".

Another question we are frequently asked is how much would it cost for that shipping?

Shipping costs are based on the total weight of the package, where the item will be shipped and which shipping method you have us use.

UPS has been proven to be the most reliable shipper and their tracking system is first rate. That will be important if you want to track your package to determine where it is at any given moment. The tracking for US Post Office International Global Express mail has proven to be less reliable.

UPS is more expensive than Global Express mail, which is why many of our customers choose US Post Office International Global Express mail.

If you want something in hand as soon as possible, choose UPS as your shipping method. But if you want to save money and are willing to take a chance your package may take longer than expected for to arrive, you might want to use Global Express mail.

Please be aware that once we ship your package by the method you choose, our responsibility ends. We will assist you in tracking a lost package and submit the necessary paperwork if a package is lost or damaged in transit. But we are not responsible if the package takes longer than expected, or if your package is lost or damaged while in transit. That is between you and the shipping company you choose.

Also, be aware that the Postal Service will not accept a claim for a missing package until after 30 days have passed from the time it was shipped. And if the package is lost and a claim must be submitted, it can take a fair amount of time to get the matter resolved.

The most common reason a package takes longer than expected to arrive when shipped to a location outside of the United States is that it has to clear the Customs Office in the country the package is being shipped to. And we have no control over this!

Packages shipped by UPS clear customs much faster than packages shipped using Global Express Mail, so take this into consideration when choosing the shipping method you want us to use.

The choice is always yours... choose wisely.

How to determine shipping costs

You can easily determine the cost of shipping any item or items that we offer.

To do so, simply find the button machine (or button-making supplies) you wish to order in the table below and click on it. Doing so will take you to the order page for that particular machine.

Then, select the item or items you wish to order. After entering your first item, you will be asked for the country the item is to be shipped to, the postal code and the method of shipping you would like to use. The shopping cart will then calculate the shipping cost based on those criteria for that first item.

If you add more items to your shopping cart, the shopping cart will update the shipping charges as you add each additional item.

To see what it would cost to ship the item or items you selected using a different shipping method, simply click on the shipping method that you chose that should now be a highlighted link, select another shipping method, and then click on the "Submit Your Choice" button. Doing so will then recalculate the shipping charges using the new method.

Don't worry... nothing is final until after you enter a credit card number and click on the "Submit Secure Order" button.

If you are ready to place an order for the item or items you entered, simply click on the "CheckOut Now" button and the shopping cart will ask for the information necessary to complete the transaction.

click on the link for your machine in the table below.

2-1/4" machine

Model 100
1" machine

Model 225
2-1/4" machine


1-1/4" machine

Model 300 SX
3" machine

Model 150 MS
1-1/2" machine

Model 350 LS
3-1/2" machine

Model REC-23
2" x3" rectangular machine

Model 175 RX
1-3/4" machine

Model 600 XL
6" machine

Customs charges / duties

If you live outside the United States and want to have us ship you a button machine or button-making supplies, chances are you are going to have to pay duties / customs charges when the package arrives. These charges are beyond our control and we have no way of knowing how much those charges are going to be.

Customers will sometimes ask us to enter a lower figure on their invoice, or mark the package as a sample, or a gift to try and avoid custom / duties charges. However, doing so would constitute fraud on our part and
we are NOT willing to do it. So please don't ask.

If you have questions about button-making, button machines,
or if you'd like to place an order by phone,
give us a call toll-free at:

(800) 243-8293

or (623) 869-8233

We Gladly Accept Purchase Orders
from Schools, Hospitals, and Government Agencies

The mailing address for Dr. Don's Buttons is:
3906 W. Morrow Drive, Glendale, Arizona 85308

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