Dr. Don's Buttons

Seven Reasons
Why You'll Like Our Parts Better

A Badge-A-Minit pinback. Look closely and you will see Badge-A-Minit's name and phone number that have been stamped on the back

A complete pinback button set from Dr. Don's Buttons.
Notice if you will that our parts don't have our name and phone number on the back.

1. Our button parts are less expensive than Badge-A-Minit's, so you'll save money with every purchase. Order 1000 pin-back button sets from us and you will save $29.50 over what you would pay for that same number of parts from Badge-A-Minit. Click here to compare our prices and learn more about the button parts we offer.

2. We don't stamp our name or telephone number on the back of our parts like Badge-a-Minit does. (If you are trying to operate your own business, this is an important issue because with their name on the back of your buttons, your customers might not call YOU the next time they need buttons). But when you purchase button parts from us, we will gladly provide you with FREE custom-printed stickers for the back of your buttons. These stickers allow you to place your information on the back of the buttons you make. Click here to learn more about our FREE stickers.

3. Look at the holes in the back of the button where the pin goes through and you'll notice that Badge-A-Minit's holes are big and round. The holes in the back of our button parts are sleeker and rectangular. This feature in helps reduce "pin rattle".

4. Our key chain parts are a little more expensive than Badge-A-Minit's, but they are so much easier to work with and will give you a much better finished product. Click here to see a photo of our key chain button parts and learn why they are so much better and so much easier to use.

5. When you purchase button parts from Dr. Don's Buttons, we provide you with extra mylar discs (the plastics) FREE of charge. Click here to learn more about receiving FREE mylars with every 2-1/4" and 3" button parts purchase of 250 or more.

6. Our mylar discs (the plastics) don't have a piece of tissue paper between each one, the way Badge-A-Minit's do. If you have ever made buttons at a time when there was a lot of static electricity in the air, you'll appreciate this fact. (That's because that tissue will likely stick to your fingers and just makes the process of making buttons go slower).

7. We gladly provide schools and teachers with FREE background papers (with any button parts purchase). If you get your background papers from Badge-A-Minit, not only do you have to pay for them ($24.95 for 500), but Badge-A-Minit's background papers are perforated, not pre-cut like ours are. Click here to learn more about our FREE background papers.

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