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Model 225 Button Machine
Questions and Answers about the Model 225 Button Machine
Q. Is the Model 225 an easy to operate?

A. It couldn't be easier!

To make buttons with our Model 225, you simply place the button parts and artwork into the machine, pull the handle down twice, and in a matter of seconds you will have a perfectly made button. It's so simple, most eight year olds can operate the Model 225!

Badge-A-Minit's starter models have six different plastic assembly rings that you must fiddle with each and every time you want to make a button. And believe me, trying to make buttons with one of their machines will be very frustrating!

Q. Your Model 225 is more expensive than Badge-A-Minit's starter kits. Is it really worth the additional cost?

A. If you plan to make more than just a few buttons at a time, the answer is definitely, "YES".

The Model 225 offers many advantages over any of Badge-A-Minit's starter kits.

I've already mentioned how easy it is to operate the Model 225. Another advantage is that the Model 225 is made of solid steel and it's dies are virtually indestructable. The plastic assembly rings that come with Badge-A- Minit's starter kits can break in the middle of a job and if you lose or misplace even one of those rings, you won't be able to make buttons until you have replaced it.

Yet another advantage with the Model 225 is it's blazing speed.

You'll be lucky to ever make make 60 buttons an hour with a Badge-A- Minit starter kit. (After all, how do you think they got their name?) But we have lots of customers who are able to make 5 buttons a single minute using the Model 225. (Click here to read a real-life testimonial of one of those customers). Five buttons a minute translates to 300 buttons an hour!

Let's look at it another way.

If you needed to make 300 buttons with a Badge-A- Minit hand press (and were proficient at using it), at the rate of 60 buttons an hour it would take you at least 5 hours to make those 300 buttons (and that's assuming you didn't have to re-do any defective buttons). But at 300 buttons an hour, which the Model 225 is capable of, it would only take an hour to complete those same 300 buttons!

Now, which button machine do you really want?

Q. I have a Badge-A-Minit starter model and I've been having a problem with it. The plastic just doesn't crimp properly. Quite often it will end up sticking out the side of my buttons. What is causing this?

A. One of the biggest complaints I had back when I first started making buttons and was using a Badge-A-Minit hand press, was the number of buttons that were ruined. Either because the mylar disc (the plastic) didn't properly crimp and or the button fell apart after being made. (When this happens you are literally throwing money away, because once they have been crimped, the shell and the plastic cannot be reused). This is a problem you won't experience with the Model 225.

Q. What about making photo buttons with the Model 225?

A. Here's another area where the Model 225 really shines!

If you were to read the instructions that come with any of the Badge-A-Minit machines, you would find they suggest cutting your photograph to the size of the "face" of the button prior to making the button and not try to wrap the photo material around the button as you do when making buttons with designs printed on paper.


Because Badge-A- Minit machines can't generate the crimping power necessary to tuck the thicker photo-weight paper around the button and press it together.

But the Model 225 can!

Q. I understand the Model 225 uses parts different parts than the Badge-A- Minit 2-1/4" button machines. If they are both 2-1/4" button machines, why is that?

A. While Badge-A-Minit calls their button machines 2-1/4", in reality they measure 2-3/8". (And their 3" machines are actually 2-7/8"). The Model 225 uses button parts that are 2-1/4" and that is why the parts of the two machines are not interchangeable.

At Dr.Don's Buttons, we carry both 2-1/4" size parts and 2-3/8" (Badge a Minit 2-1/4") size parts.

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