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Political Templates for School Board Campaign Items
Pin-back buttons, lapel stickers, bumper stickers, rally signs, posters, post cards,
palm cards, candidate information cards
Our Visually Appealing Campaign Items Can Help You Win!

Whether you're running for office on a national, state, municipal or school level, Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More can provide you with the customized campaign items you need to win!

And if you are in a hurry for your campaign items, you'll be happy to know that with our Speedy Service Guarantee, qualifying orders will be produced and shipped the next business day, after we receive design approval, or they're FREE! (details)

Getting this level of service elsewhere would mean paying for a very expensive rush service. But at Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More, this is our standard service and you don't pay extra for it!

Union Label

If you would like the union label / union bug printed on your item(s), just ask. We are happy to provide it at no additional charge.

Shown below are templates that were designed especially for school board elections. You can have us make rectangular buttons, lapel stickers, bumper stickers, rally signs, posters, post cards / push cards, and candidate information cards, using any of these templates.

school board election template 01
School Board Template 01
school board election template 02
School Board Template 02
school board election template 03
School Board Template 03
school board election template 04
School Board Template 04
school board election template 05
School Board Template 05
school board election template 06
School Board Template 06
school board election template 07
School Board Template 07
school board election template 08
School Board Template 08
school board election template 09
School Board Template 09
school board election template 10
School Board Template 10
school board election template 11
School Board Template 11
school board election template 12
School Board Template 12
school board election template 13
School Board Template 13
school board election template 14
School Board Template 14
school board election template 15
School Board Template 15
school board election template 16
School Board Template 16
school board election template 17
School Board Template 17
school board election template 18
School Board Template 18
school board election template 19
School Board Template 19
school board election template 20
School Board Template 20
school board election template 21
School Board Template 21
school board election template 22
School Board Template 22
school board election template 23
School Board Template 23
school board election template 24
School Board Template 24
school board election template 25
School Board Template 25
school board election template 26
School Board Template 26
school board election template 27
School Board Template 27
school board election template 28
School Board Template 28
school board election template 29
School Board Template 29
school board election template 30
School Board Template 30
school board election template 31
School Board Template 31
school board election template 32
School Board Template 32
school board election template 33
School Board Template 33
school board election template 34
School Board Template 34

You will find the sizes we can produce, using any of these templates, below.

Bumper Stickers = 4" x 6"
Buttons = 1.75" x 2.75" or 2" x 3"
Candidate Information Cards = 2" x 3.5"
Lapel Stickers = 3.75" x 2.44
Post Cards / Push Cards = 4" x 6"
Posters (single-sided) = 12" x 18"
Rally Signs (double-sided) = 12" x 18"

We make it easy!
With our collection of attractive templates, you can get great looking campaign items without the hassle or expense of hiring a graphic artist. But you are welcome to provide us with artwork of your own, or have us create a custom design, if you prefer. So your choices are truly unlimited.

Artwork for your campaign items can be created in one of three ways:
We can work with the artwork you provide. To learn more about having us use artwork you provide, click here.

2. We can create a unique design for you. Just let us know what you want your button to look like and our graphic arts department will create it for you.

3. Or you can choose a design from our collection of political campaign templates. Most customers choose this option because it allows them to get a great look without the hassle or expense of hiring a graphic artist.

Order online
If you are interested in using one of our templates, simply browse our collection of templates and see if you find one you like.
If you do, enter information about the item(s) you wish to order using that template, in the order form found at the bottom of this page. Then click the "SUBMIT" button.

Your information will then be transmitted to us electronically. When we receive it, our graphics department will then create a proof of your item and post it to a private area of our web site for you to see. (Usually within 4 hours, Monday-Friday, during normal business hours). You will then have the opportuntity to review the design and give your approval BEFORE we start producing your item(s).

When you call to approve your design, you can tell us which method of payment you would like to use (we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal) and how you would like your item(s) to be shipped.

If you would like us create a unique design, or use your artwork to produce the campaign items you need, where the form asks you to select a template #, simply select the last option in the list which is "custom artwork - no template". You can then tell us what you are looking for in the additional information/ comments section in the form at the bottom of this page.

Our prices are unbeatable!
Pricing for the items that can be produced using any of these templates is shown below.

For bumper sticker pricing, click here.

For candidate information card pricing, click here.

For rectangular button pricing, click here.

For lapel sticker pricing, click here.

For 4" x 6" postcard pricing, click here.

For rally sign pricing, click here.

Calculate Shipping Costs
If you'd like to calculate shipping costs and compare the various options (Ground, 2nd Day, Next Day, etc.), click here and you can use our shopping cart to make those comparisons.

Shipping times using UPS Ground
Shown below is map that shows how long it takes for packages to reach U.S. destinations when shipped from our office in Glendale, Arizona, by UPS Ground.

If you need your package in a hurry, just ask. We can ship your order using Next Day, 2nd Day Air, or 3 Day Select.

When using this map, keep in mind that these time calculations begin when the order is shipped. Please note that "Transit Days" are "business days" and that weekends and holidays do not count as Transit Days.

If you must have your package in-hand by a specific day, let us know and we can help you calculate shipping days and offer suggestions as to which service would best serve your needs.

If have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. Our friendly customer service professionals will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions.

To order
You can order online, any time -- day or night, -- using the form at the bottom of this page. If you would like to order by phone, please call either number listed below during normal business hours.

Enter information for your Campaign Item(s) in the section below

Select which template
you'd like us to use
Would you like to have the Union Bug printed on your item(s)? What is it?
Bumper Stickers (4" x 6")
Lapel Stickers

Post Cards / Push Cards (4" x 6")
Posters (single-sided 18" x 12")
Rally Signs (double-sided 18" x 12 ")
Will your item(s) require a disclaimer?
(ie, "Paid for by the Committe to Elect ...")
Type disclaimer exactly as you'd like it to appear
Name, exactly as you'd like it to appear on your item
(i.e. Sarah Johnson)
Office or position being sought
(i.e. President, Vice President, etc.)

Order Contact Information

Your Name
Ship to Address
Zip Code
Daytime Telephone Number
Your email address
Privacy Statement: The information you provide will only be used to contact you with regards to this order. We do not sell or rent information to third parties.

Additional information or comments

If you have questions about our items and services,
or if you'd like to place an order by phone,
call us toll-free at:

(800) 243-8293 or (623) 869-8233

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