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Push Card with Photograph WP-51 Push Card NP-25 Push Card with Photograph WP-57 Push Card NP-32 Push Card with Photograph WP-86 Push Card NP-08 Push Card with Photograph WP-88

Political Palm Cards / Push Cards
Printed & Shipped Next Business Day... or they're FREE!!
At Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges and More, we print FULL COLOR palm cards at no additional cost While most other companies charge for each additional color your palm cards require, at Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More, we don't. With our service, your palm cards can include as many colors you wish, and you won't pay any extra for those colors.

Cost to have palm cards produced
Shipping Times
How to calculate transit time (Details)
Do not count the day of shipment, weekends or Holidays.
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Examples: (assuming no holidays during transit)

Next day Air (or 1 day ground transit)
- shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Monday
- shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday

Second day Air (or 2 day ground transit)
- shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Tuesday
- shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Wednesday

3 day Select (or 3 day ground transit)
- shipped Friday, schedule to arrive Wednesday
- shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Thursday

4 day Ground transit
- shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive Thursday
- shipped Monday, scheduled to arrive Friday

5 day Ground transit
- shipped Friday, scheduled to arrive following Friday

Use our professionally designed templates

If you don't already have print-ready artwork for your palm cards, the easiest and least expensive way to have it created is to choose one of our professionally designed palm card templates and have our art department layout the text for your design. Doing so is far less expensive and much less hassle than having a graphic artist create it for you.

The cost to have one of our artists layout your text on one of our templates is only $20 per template. (having us significantly change the layout of a template, or having us do multiple revisions would be additional).

We have dozens of templates that can include a candidate's photograph, and dozens more that are "text only", and would not include a photograph.

If you wish, you can have us set up two templates... one that includes the candidate's photo on one side, and a text-only template for the other side. The charge for setting up two templates is only $40.00
Send us print-ready artwork

If you already have (or will have) print-ready artwork that you would like us to use, you can submit your artwork to us for printing.

There is NO additional charge to have us use your "print-ready" artwork.
Our collection of palm card / push card templates that would include the candidate's photograph:
Palm Card Template WP-88 Palm Card Template WP-77 Palm Card Template WP-86 Palm Card Template WP-55 Palm Card Template WP-51 Palm Card Template WP-108

Our collection of palm card / push card templates that are "text only" (no photograph):
Palm Card Template NP-15 Palm Card Template NP-77 Palm Card Template NP-32 Palm Card Template NP-25 Palm Card Template NP-31 Palm Card Template NP-33
Need Door hangers? In a hurry or on a tight budget?

If you are in a hurry or on a tight budget and would like to have both palm cards and door hangers, we offer clear plastic door hanger bags that make it possible to simply use 4" x 9" palm cards as door hangers.

These bags are inexpensive (only $5.00 per hundred) and allow you to leave other items, such as a button, business card, and/or bumper sticker as you go door-to-door, campaigning.

And by increasing the total number of palm cards you order, you can save achieve greater quantity discounts and save money.

If you'd like to use these bags for your door hangers, simply let one of our customer service representatives know when placing your order.

If you have questions about our items and services,
or if you'd like to place an order by phone,
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