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Add a special touch of elegance to the photo buttons you make.

Just as a photo frame can enhance the beauty of a favorite photograph, our Photo Enhancement Rings can do likewise for the photo buttons you make and give them the look and appeal of expensive jewelry.

In the photo button above (the one with my daughter Amy's picture on it) you'll notice the gold ring around the edge.That gold edge was created by using a Photo Enhancement Ring.

Photo Enhancement Rings are incredibly easy to use... and they are reversible, too. They are gold on one side, silver on the other.

To use a Photo Enhancement Ring, simply insert the front part of a button (the shell) into your button machine, place your photo face up on top of the shell, place a Photo Enhancement Ring on top of the photo, and a mylar disc (the plastic) on top of that. From there simply operate your button machine as you normally would.

That's all there is to it!

Photo Enhancement Rings are available for standard size 2-1/4" buttons, Badge-A-Minit 2-1/4" size buttons, standard size 3" buttons, but are not currently available for Badge a Minit 3" size (standard size 3" rings won't work because Badge-A-Minit's 3" buttons actually measure 2-7/8").

If you'd like to add a touch of elegance to the photo buttons you make, why not give our Photo Enhancement Rings a try?

Use our SECURE ONLINE ORDER FORM to order button parts, or a button machine and I'll send you a FREE sample pack of Photo Enhancement Rings. (In the comments section of the order form just write " send FREE Photo Enhancement Rings").

Badge-A- Minit doesn't offer Photo Enhancement Rings, but we have them available in packs of 25 for only $3.95.

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