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Dr. Don,

I just received my order of buttons. They are awesome. The quality is much better than a sample button I had made at a local trophy shop. Your prices were less and the turn around time was even faster than having it done locally. Thank you for your quick service and professional product. I will recommend you to my friends and remember you in the future.

Thanks again,
Marianne McNeil

Dr. Don,

Thank you again for your help. The other company I was dealing with were so difficult. You made everything so easy, I almost can't believe it. We are looking forward to receiving the order Wed. Thanks again for your fast, prompt and courteous service!

Your "Damsel in Distress"

Edison Local Schools

Dear Don,

Your service is great, great, great!

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Emily McHale
Grafix Intl, Inc.
Miami, FL

Dr. Don,

I just received my order of 50 custom buttons and I was compelled to write and let you know how much I liked them.

The artwork you did is wonderful and the quality of the finished buttons is just top rate.

I could not be more pleased!

Thanks from a very satisfied customer.

Richard Briggs

Just wanted you to thank you for the great button service at a very reasonable price! We've received a ton of compliments on our campaign buttons, and have passed your web address around town for other candidates... We'll definitely continue to recommend you, and when we have a need for buttons again in the future, we'll be back!

Jeannie Gabor

Dear Doctor,

I placed my custom button order at 3:00 pm EST yesterday, and I got them before 11:00 am today.

This level of service is astonishing!

Also, the buttons are beautiful, and will be an important detail in our tradeshow presentation.

Many thanks. My hat is off to you and your staff!

Yours truly,

Bill Hoffer
Winpak Portion Packaging

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Below are items and offers
we have for Teachers and Schools
model 225 header

"Making buttons couldn't be any easier!"

Model 225 button kit

If you have ever tried making buttons with one of the inexpensive Badge-A-Minit button machines, you are in for a very pleasant surprise the first time you make buttons using one of our machines. That's because our button machines are so easy to use, most 8 year olds can operate them.

In the video below, watch as Benjamin Singel, who was only 6 years old, makes a button with our Model 225 button machine.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We know you will love the Model 225 button machine, but if for any reason your aren't completely satisfied with it, you can return it within 30 days for a full and immediate refund (less shipping).

Learn more about the Button Machines we offer

To learn more about any of the button machines we offer, click here.

Compare our Quality

To compare the quality of buttons made using a Badge-A-Minit machine, with those made using our Model 225, click here. I think you will be surprised by the difference.

Download a Brochure

Click here to download a brochure about the Model 225 button machine.

Compare our Button-making Supplies... and SAVE!!
pin-back button supplies for Badge-A-MInit machines

Customers often ask how our button-making supplies compare to the ones produced by Badge-A-Minit. But rather than simply try and describe the differences, I also like to show the differences.

Badge-A-Minit Button Parts

The photo on the left is that of a pin-back button part made by Badge-A-Minit. The photo on the right shows one of ours.

While the supplies we offer for Badge-A-Minit machines do have a few cosmetic improvements, they do not affect how they work in any of the Badge-A-Minit button machines. And since we have been offering our fully compatible button supplies to customers all over the world since 1997, you can rest assured they will work perfectly in any Badge-A-Minit button machine you might have.

Cosmetic difference #1: If you look at the Badge-A-Minit pin-back part above, you can see that Badge-A-Minit stamps their name and telephone number on the back. Now notice, if you will, that ours has nothing stamped on the back.

Cosmetic difference #2: Compare the holes through which the pin is inserted. Badge-A-Minit's pin-back part has large, round holes. Ours have sleek, rectangular holes that help reduce "pin rattle".

Other than the amount of money you can save by purchasing the parts for your Badge-A-Minit button machine from us, those are the only differences you are going to notice.

At Dr. Don's Buttons, we carry a full line of button-making supplies for 2-1/4" and 3" Badge-A-Minit button machines, as well as button-making supplies for our own machines.

While the supplies we offer for Badge-A-Minit machines are first quality, they cost considerably less than what Badge-A-Minit will charge you for their button-making supplies.

To see our price list for button-making supplies, click here.

Great Button-making Ideas

If you haven't made buttons before and would like to get started, click here to read about all the best button-making ideas I have to share.

Your students can learn valuable business skills by making buttons.

In the process of making and selling them, students are likely to learn graphic design, advertising, marketing, sales, customer service, inventory control, book keeping, accounting, and goal setting.

And should students have others work for them (even friends), they also learn how to be an employer, do job scheduling, and meet deadlines.

How to use buttons as an effective fund raising tool

Tired of doing carwashes or selling magazine subscriptions? If so, we can show you how to use buttons to do more effective fund raising. For more information, click here.

Online Button Design Studio
Online Button Design Studio
Already a Member? click here to access the Online Button Design Studio

The Online Button Design Studio currently consists of four separate design modules that make it easy to create designs for buttons or stickers, using nothing more than your Internet browser.

We offer two versions of the Online Button Design Studio.

The first version is for customers who want to create a design and then have us make buttons or stickers using the artwork they create. The second version is for customers who want to make their own buttons, using the artwork they will create with the Online Button Design Studio. Membership is required to use the second version, which normally runs $59.95 per year.

Special Pricing for Schools

We know generating a purchase order can be a hassle, but we reward schools who are willing to do so by offering them one year of Unlimited Access to the Online Button Design Studio (a single account) for the ridiculously low price of just $19.95.

That's right, just $19.95!

You can learn about your preferred method of using the Online Button Design Studio by clicking the appropriate button below.

have us make buttons or stickers for you Make your own buttons using the artwork you create

Ready-made buttons, stickers, and bumper stickers

Shown below are a few of the ready-made buttons, stickers, and bumper stickers we have that were specifically designed for teachers and schools. To order any item, or to see all the items we currently have for schools and teachers, simply click on any design.

Those who can teach button You can't put student first button Teaching we're not in it for the income button NO bullying button
 YOU CAN'T PUT STUDENTS FIRST IF YOU PUT TEACHERS LAST bumper sticker Those who can teach bumper sticker Teaching We're not in it for the income bumper sticker Teaching We're not in it for the income bumper sticker

We have hundreds of button-making templates you can personalize
and then use to have us make buttons or stickers for you

Shown below are categories of buttons / stickers we have that you can personalize with our Online Button Design Studio. Click any template and it will take you to a page where you can see additional images in that same category. Feel free to personalize any image you like and if you are happy with your design, you can have us make buttons or stickers with what you created.

stop bullying now button
Stop Bullying
Personalizable support our teachers button design
Support our Teachers
Personalizable support our schools button design
Support Our Schools
Those Who Care Teach button design
Teacher Appreciation
support our schools vote
School Elections
Class of 2013 button design
School Graduation
Personalized basketball button design
School Sports
Student election button
Student Elections

Bumper Stickers

Honor Student Bumper Sticker Honor Student Bumper Sticker Honor Student Bumper Sticker
Honor Student Bumper Sticker Honor Student Bumper Sticker Honor Student Bumper Sticker

If you would like to have bumper stickers for your school -- and need them in a hurry -- you'll be happy to know that with our Speedy Service Guarantee, your order of bumper stickers will be printed and shipped 24 hours after you approve your design... or they're FREE!

To see our school bumper sticker templates and get complete details, click here.

FREE "Teacher Appreciation" Button Inserts
Teacher Appreciation Button Design

To show our appreciation for teachers and all they do for our children, we happily provide FREE "Teacher Appreciation" button inserts to any school that requests them.

We will even personalize the design by adding the name of your school and then send you enough inserts so you can make buttons for every faculty member at your school.

Just let us know what size button machine the inserts will be used in and we will be happy to send them to you at no charge.

The Model 300 SX... our 3-inch Button Making Kit

Of all the ways I know of to make money with buttons, none is faster, easier or more profitable than making photo buttons. For more information about our Model 300 SX button machine, click here.

The Model 100 1-inch button machine

Teens love one inch buttons and our Model 100 is what you need to make them. Click here to learn all about the Model 100 one inch button machine.

"YES I CAN" / "YO SI PUEDO" buttons at a significant discount!

Use the order form below to purchase "YES I CAN" or "YO SI PUEDO buttons for as little as 15 cents each.

Yes I Can Button
1-1/4" pinback buttons

Yes I Can Button
1-1/4" pinback buttons

Yes I Can Button
Yes I Can Button

The "YES I CAN" Project

Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More is a proud sponsor of the "YES I CAN" Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children build confidence and self-esteem.

If you have your own button machine (or access to one), you can make your own "YES I CAN" or "YO SI PUEDO" buttons by downloading the design, which we make available Free of Charge!!

To learn more about the "YES I CAN" Project, click here.

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