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Model 300 SX button-making kit

In an article entitled, "Dr. Don's Button Maker", Bob Shell, editor of Shutterbug magazine, reviewed the Model 300 SX button machine.

Here's what he had to say .

Most photographers like to display their photographs for friends and family to see. Generally this takes the form of framed prints displayed in their homes and offices and given to friends. But that's only one of the many ways to put your photographs before the public. One way many have not thought of is in the form of photo buttons. Not only can this be a fun way to display photos, but for the working photographer it can be a source of additional income.

I've recently had an opportunity to try out a button making system from Dr. Don's Buttons. I've actually made photo buttons before, but with a different system, so I have experience to directly compare this system to others. The system Dr. Don's sent is designed to make 3" circular buttons, but other sizes are available. Also the button making machine comes in two versions, designed to handle different thicknesses of paper. One version is for standard photographic papers, while the other is for use with the thinner papers generally used for ink jet printing. If you decide to order, make sure to buy the machine designed for the type of paper you generally use. I tested the one designed for use with photographic papers, Model 300 SX.

In addition to the button making machine you will use a circle cutter. The one supplied by Dr. Don's (Model AC-1) is a very nice design which can be adjusted for a wide variety of button circle sizes from 1" up to 3-1/2". Once set for the desired circle size you use it by putting your photo face up on the metal plate supplied with the circle cutter and placing the circle cutter on top of the photo. It is easy to line up because you can clearly see the photo through the cutter. Once you have it located as you like you simply press down hard on the handle and move it around in a full circle two or three times to cut through the paper. It's a very simple design and works very quickly and precisesly.

Once you have cut your photo to fit the button size you plan to use, making the button is the proverbial "piece of cake." You simply place a button backing, your photo, and a Mylar cover sheet into the circular form on the button maker die marked 1. Rotate the plate with two dies clockwise to position your materials under the press with the red handle and then open it. Your materials will seem to have vanished, but in fact they are now up inside the die on the press. Place the back piece of the button into the die marked with a 2, rotate the holder so the this is under the main part of the button maker and once more close the button maker handle. When you open the machine again your finished button will await you. Nothing could be simpler.

You can get more information on this and other items offered by the company Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges and Magnets at 3906 W. Morrow Drive, Glendale, AZ 85308; (800) 243-8293; www.buttonsonline.com

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