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Template for designing artwork for Badge-A-Minit 3" buttons
If you will be designing artwork for a Badge a Minit 3" button, start your design with a hairline circle that is exactly 3-9/16" in diameter. This circle will be used as a visual guide to make certain that each design is perfectly cut for placement on your button. (Without this circle it can be difficult for you to find dead center of the design when making the cuts). This circle will not show on your button. If your design will have a colored background (or bleed), allow it to fill the 3-9/16" circle.

Next, center a 2-5/8" circle within the 3-9/16" circle. (Placement of this circle is temporary and will be used to help you center your text or artwork within your design). Now center your text or artwork within the 2-5/8" circle and make certain that the text or artwork extends up to, but not beyond the 2-5/8" circle. If it does, your text or artwork will be too close to the edge of your button and may even extend over the edge of your button.

Once you have the text or artwork centered within the 2-5/8" circle, go ahead and delete the 2-5/8" circle. If you fail to delete the 2-5/8" circle before printing, it will show on your button.

It is possible to place up to six 3" button designs on an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper. Make certain to leave at least 1/4" between designs and from the edge of the paper. Use lightweight paper (20 or 24lb) for printing. Depending on which button machine you are using, heavier paper may not work or could cause you problems when trying to crimp your buttons. When printing your designs it's a good idea to create approximately 10% more designs than the number of buttons you will need, to allow for possible cutting or button machine errors.

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