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At Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More, we produce high-quality, vinyl stickers in any shape and size.
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Shipping and Insurance not included. Our calculator is an estimate for the cost of your custom-shaped order. If you need a different size, quantity or special set-up contact us and a customer representative will help you. Our vinyl cutter can make designs up to 50" wide.

Custom-Shaped Vinyl Stickers

We use a special cutting blade to cut your desired shape. We use a kiss cut that cuts through the vinyl without cutting through the backing. This allows for easy removal of your stickers from the backing.

Outer Cut

The outer cut refers to the shape of the backing. Our standard offering is to rectangular cut out each individual sticker for easy distribution.

Some customers prefer the outer cut to also follow the shape of the sticker, we offer this die cut at an additonal 10% cost to the order. Die Cut stickers have a great presentation quality if you are handing out or selling your stickers and want to show off the custom shape of the sticker!



PLEASE NOTE: Whether you choose the economical rectangular cut or a custom die cut, once the sticker is removed from the backing it is still the exact same custom sticker shape!


We can use artwork you provide or you can have us create a design for your vinyl stickers. One half hour of set-up and design time is included in our price.

When setting up your artwork you will need to keep three different lines in mind; the kiss cut line (the edge of your sticker), the outer cut line (the edge of your backing), and the artwork line. We generally have the outer cut line 1/4" larger than the kiss cut. If you have opted for the rectangular cut, the outer cut will be this shape (square if your artwork has the same height and length). However, if you opt for the die cut, we use software that creates a contour cut. This maybe a simplier and rounder cut than your kiss cut (see the Arizona shaped flag above).

If you want your artwork to go to the edge of the kiss cut or to the edge of the outer cut, then you need your artwork line to go past that line, this is called the bleed area. We recommend a minimum 1/8" of bleed over the line that needs to have full color. Not all images can be made to have bleed that goes to the edge, in these cases having a white, solid color or pattern in the background that can be expanded will be best. It all depends on what you want your final product to look like.

Full Color / No Additional Charge

Unlike other companies that charge you for each additional color you vinyl stickers require, at Dr. Don's Buttons, Badges & More, your vinyl stickers can include as many colors as you wish and you won't pay any extra for those colors. Our vinyl printer prints in CMYK color. If you provide an exact color, such as a Pantone color, we do our best to get close to that color.

Union Label

If you'd like the union label / union bug printed on your vinyl stickers, just ask. We are happy to provide it at no additional charge.

Vinyl Application Instructions

1. Make sure surface is clean before applying the decal.

2. If applying to a glass surface, spray a liberal amount of water or water-based glass cleaner. If applying to a non-glass surface, ensure the surface is completely smooth.

3. Peel the decal from backing, position the decal and apply the sticky side to the surface.

4. Starting from the center, use a smooth edge (such as a credit card) to remove water and/or excess air from between the decal and the surface.


If you have any questions about our vinyl stickers, feel free to give us a call. Our friendly customer service representatives will be happy to answer all your questions.

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