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"Save the Date", "Wedding Favor" and "Thank You" Magnets for Weddings

If you're getting married (or know someone who is), our high-quality magnets are perfect for "Save the Date" announcements, Wedding Reception Favors, and can serve in place of, or in addition to "Thank You" cards.

The magnets we produce are like the high quality magnets found in the finest gift shops. They have a full magnet back and the image on your magnet will be coated with ultra clear mylar film for maximum protection.

And if you need them in a hurry, you'll be glad to know that we can have your order produced and ready to ship in 24-48 hours.

Save the Date - 1

Save the Date - 2

Save the Date - 3

Save the Date - 10

Save the Date - 5

Save the Date - 16

Save the Date - 7

Save the Date - 8

Save the Date - 9

Save the Date - 4

Save the Date - 14

Save the Date - 11

Save the Date - 13

Wedding Favor - 1

Wedding Favor - 2

Wedding Favor - 15

Wedding Favor - 9

Wedding Favor - 5

Wedding Favor - 16

Wedding Favor - 4

Thank You - 1

Thank You - 2

Thank You - 5

Thank You - 3

Thank You - 6

Thank You - 10

Thank You - 8

Thank You - 9

Thank You - 7

Thank You - 4

Pricing for our "Save the Date", "Wedding Favor" and "Thank You" Magnets







2" x 3"
Shown above is our current pricing for wedding-themed refrigetor magnets.

Notice, if you will, that each quantity has two prices; the price below the dotted line is our discounted price and is available to customers who are willing to take a few minutes after they have received their order to affix the magnets themselves.

(The magnet has a peel and strip adhesive and all you have to do is remove the protective strip and place the magnet on the back. It doesn't take long to do so. We can offer you a discount because when we affix the magnets, we also need to carefully position a separate protective strip between each magnet prior to shipping. This is done to keep the magnets from scratching the mylar film on the magnet below.)

And the price above the dotted line is our Full Service price. With this option, we affix the magnets before shipping and your order will arrive finished and ready to use.

There is no difference in quality between the two options; it's just that you can save some money if you're willing to affix the magnet yourself.

Feel free to choose whichever option best suits your needs.

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